CATS WIN!!How I see it! AC retires,GC to CATS in 2010

I LOVE THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Hopefully he takes Chiu and Cahoon with him.

AC looks comfortable and good sitting in with the TSN panel. Hmmm......

I think if Trestman returns for 2010, so will AC, Cahoon and Chiu. Actually, I hope they do. It's a pleasure to watch great players perform.

An Argo-Cat fan

I think Chiu said that he'll be back.

The Al's have proven this year that they aren't invincible.With a little more talent, discipline and execution, the Cat's can accomplish a helluva lot.GO CATS GO!

Nah. The way I'd like to see it is this....Calvillo, Chiu and Cahoon all come back next year. But our Ticats eliminate them from the playoffs and drive THEM into retirement. I'd rather our Cats beat them that way. I don't want any tarnish on our win.

Calvillo retires, Cahoon returns for his last year, Trestman takes a nice NCAA job, TiCats defeat Lions in GC 2010. You read it here first.

Mark Trestman head coach of the Montreal Allouettes will most likely go to the NFL following this Grey Cup victory and speculation says as an assistant to an unknown team currently??

If Mark Trestman takes a job in the NFL, watch out for Wally Buono current coach of the BC Lions to be named the new Head Coach in Montreal.

Their was talk of Wally passably coming to Toronto if David Braily purchased the Argo’s however the current owners of the Argo’s say that they will keep the ownership of the team and either Bart Andrus or Adam Rita will take charge of the Argo’s.

Ben Cahoon, will retire hang em up, he goes out as a Champion, what more could he want, he almost retired after the 2006 Grey Cup loss to Edmonton but AC asked him to stay and play till they win the Grey Cup again.

AC will either stay and play in Montreal he has expressed playing until he is 40 years old if he is healthy, he is currently 37 years old and a Champion again. Some say he may take a crack at the NFL like Kurt Warner did, however I think with his age he will remain in Montreal at least for another year or two or three until he is 40 and become the major record holder of the CFL for QB’s, what a career that would be to say he won two, maybe more Grey Cups and holds most records in the CFL.

It would be great to see AC come back to Hamilton, to the Team who gave him another crack at the CFL after his stint with the Las Vegas Posse of the old CFL south folded in 1996 and play his remaining years here but I doubt that will happen.

Next year lets paint Edmonton with Black and Gold at the Grey Cup at Commonwealth Stadium and get our Tiger-Cats to the Grey Cup and another victory in our Great legacy in the CFL. EAT EM RAW IN 2010 TIGER-CATS!!!

Never gonna happen. Not in this lifetime. Calvillo is now a Montrealer. His wife is local, his daughters were born here, his house is in St-Laurent. It must be something very drastic to lure him out of Montreal. An offer that he simply can't refuse. And I do not see any CFL team - particularly Ti-Cats - able to match what the Alouettes and city of Montreal have to offer.

I don't see any of the Als retiring but football teams change personnel every year so there will be some players moving on. Personally, I'm glad the best team won (although sad about the way the end transpired) because they were the best all year. Montreal was a team on a mission and now it's mission accomplished so there will be an inevitable letdown and I expect to see them come back to the pack somewhat. Also remember, the salary cap will be a factor, I don't know the contract status of anybody, but you know the players will be lining up for raises after winning the cup. You can't pay everybody what they may be worth. Lastly, just being another year older will take a toll. Knowing when to hang it up is the hardest thing for professional athletes because their brains tell they can still do everything they used to but their bodies inevitably betray them.

Let me see, staying in Montreal, or coming back to Hamilton in a city that ain't exactly Montreal with a team that told him to take a hike? Real tough decision for AC on that one. :lol:

No disrespect to our great city of Hamilton BTW, but it's not Montreal. Actually neither is any Canadian city, Montreal is the tops IMHO.

But who will be the QB for the Lions? And will it be the same QB they start the year with? :wink:

The likely will all be back. They are like a family and I supect Trestman and his family are falling in love with the city.

I saw an interview with Chiu--he'll play in 2010. AC just won the MOP!!! and GC!!! He's still at the top of his game. I'd be shocked if he didn't play in 2010. And Cahoon had yet another 1,000 yard season and a very good GC game. No reason that he'd retire. Plus all the other young vets like Cobourne, Ferri, Richardson, etc. etc. and it adds up to another serious run at the 2010 GC.


Trestman may leave if he gets a good NFL offer but the Als may open the vault to keep him. After all, there's no salary cap on coaches. Hell, in his two years in Canada he's only had two GC appearances.

An Argo-Cat fan

I really think - with most of the players this year signed for next year - that the Ti-Cats will continue to make strides and get better and hopefully tweak things to make themselves even stronger. I would like to see the Cats take this improved product and give the Als - along with Calvillo, Chiu, Cobourne, Cahoon, Trestman, etc. - all they can handle next year.

If you want to be the best you gotta beat the best. Lets see if we can do it in 2010.


Have Chiu, Calvillo and Cahoon thought of what they will do for a living after retiring from football?

What do the ALs have to do with it .. i thought BC took the cats out ... so didn`t matter who played on Montreals squad.

The Cats will be better next year and it will have nothing to do what whatever AC, BC and BC decide to do.

The Cats are fianlly stable at QB. ABIII gives them a top echelon receiver. They arguably have the best LB corp in the league. A little improvement on both lines and alot of improvement in the secondary and the Cats will challenge for first.

The key is to finish first. If the Cats can avoid having to play the east final in Montreal, anything can happen.

Is the seaon starting yet???

ummm...Let me think..the Als are in the East division. The Cats are in the East division. For a long time now, the road to the grey cup in the east has gone through Montreal. I think the point is, as that team is slowly dismantled, the Als wont be the force they have been (Popp has been a good that may not be entirely true)...opening the way for the road to the grey cup to go through Hamilton.