Cats Win Despite Bad Henry's Play

Amen. :stuck_out_tongue:

Football isn't about one player, it's about the team and the coaches being on the same page. When everyone is working together and doing their job, you win games. Simple.

Have to give Burris a ton of credit this season. He was willing to change his style for the better of the team. Although he still threw some bad interceptions he has changed for the better with the help of Austin. Burris is not getting any younger though so for now at least continuing to grow with Austin he is still their best option at QB but eventually Austin will have a replacement ready. I am not sure that Lefevour is that guy but is still a huge part of the offense for now.
Brian Brohom has spent the whole season on the 9 game may be Austins first choice for an eventual replacement. Also he signed Stephan McGee and although many have stayed away from Masoli on the NFL front Austin and Masoli has a connection through Ole Miss as Masoli came in the year after Austin left Ole Miss as OC. One of Austins first moves was to acquire Masoli and you can see on the sidelines that Masoli plays a big part in the signalling of the play calling and Austin had no problem in putting Masoli into the game plan to run a wildcat package.
Masoli is just 25 and led Oregon to the rose Bowl before legal problems forced him out then becam the starter at Ole Miss in the tough SEC.
His size and legal problems led him to the UFL where he also played well. So he has been successful everywhere he has been. Another versatile guy like Lefevour the question will be can he be a starting QB.
Mcgee and Brohom both top NCAA resumes as well as NFL experience so Austin has got his Ducks in a row when it comes to looking at not just the now but the future for the Hamilton QB position.

I watched the game a second time and seriously, Henry, and the offense overall, really didn't play as bad as I remembered from being at the game. Not saying it was Hank's best outing but he actually played pretty well. He was 9/11 early on. He did his job in the first half. He kept the Als out of good field position when we were against the wind. With the wind, its not his fault we came away with nothing in the red zone. In that weather you can only expect a few chances in the red zone, even with the wind. He did exactly what you'd ask of him.
Unfortunately he just never hit stride in the 3rd when I thought we needed to score. Never got into a good rhythym, plus one bad read and he threw a pick, losing us our chance to create a buffer with the wind. It happens. A few passes got lost in the wind early in the 4th and went off his receiver's finger tips.
A pretty good first half and a mediocre 3rd quarter that was more than made up for with an absolutely masterful, clutch drive against the wind in the 4th when nobody thought we could do it.
Hank deserves more credit for this win.

Agreed, he deserves a ton of credit for the win. Our challenge yesterday was an inability to run the ball, especially in the first half. We must do better in the big smoke and we must figure out how to stop the run.

Just a point of clarification ... Henry was not calling his own plays on that last drive. The difference in the play calling was that for 3 quarters, when Burris was in, they went with a max protection package which saw SB's slide in to pick up blitz and the RB stay in most, if not all the time.

In the fourth quarter and on the final drive in regulation, they went "empty backfield - zero protect" and put it on Henry to make the reads and make the throws which he did for the most part especially on the final drive.

By no means does that translate to "Henry calling the plays".

From Drew's blog today:

" • Dan LeFevour sure looks like he might be ready to The Man next season if Henry leaves as a free agent. Again, team-first all the way. "

  Not unexpected.....but I take my hat off to Henry for his team approach this season if that is the way it works out.

Thanks for clarifying FG,
I wondered what going empty meant.
Regardless, it was Henry that got it done,
and kudos to Gable for breaking the 2 tackles, an outstanding play to get into the endzone,
also, this thread title is total B.S.

I think Henry was great...sure he throw a pick but what really stood out was in the first half with 2nd down & goal on the 2 with a sure touchdown the coaching call to lose yards came in...worst offensive call of the year....Henry should have been in and a easy option play with a possible run....the ugly play fooled no one. Thank goodness the call up the middle in overtime worked made easy by the great play of the line!!