Cats Win Despite Bad Henry's Play

No wind in the dome. He should do much better next Sunday. 8)

Folks, its not how you start, its how you finish and today Hank finished on top! :thup:

Would love to see one person on this board throw with the wind today.
Give me a break.
The drive alone should earn huge praises.

That wind today was IN-F'N-SANE! How either QB could complete a pass with the wind in their face is beyond me. But the Cats won and that's all that matters. And next week, the weather won't be an issue.

:thup: shouldve ended the thread with this post here..

We sat on the west side endzone. On Whites missed feild goal in the 2nd quarter the ball stopped dead in the air like it hit a wall. IN-F'N-SANE, as you say, is right

Today Milanovich said Kackert is out.

Trying to find a black cloud in a silver lining is the TC fan way. It's tradition.

Proud of Hank.
Proud of Dan.
Proud of the entire team!
That ladies and gentlemen was a character win.
23 of 42 players were in their first playoff game.

Henry was given free reigns to open up the playbook on that beautiful drive. How can anyone shoot this guy down after he pulled the game out with a great drive - 7 for 8 passing in the most horrendous conditions in years? Get real!! The offense didn't move because of the awful play calling for 3 and 1/2 quarters. Plain and simple.

Hank, I look forward to you lighting it up next week in the dome! :thup:

They won. Period. And now they get to play again making for real drama on the 17th. Argos versus the TiCats to go to the Grey Cup. Can it get any better than that? Really, what more needs to be said?

An Argo-Cat fan

You could see the wind had a lot to do with the passing of Burris. He did not throw a good ball with a tite spiral and you could see the ball sail in the wind. No problem with that next week for sure.
The starting Oline is back in place with a full game to gel again. There TE is back and healthy and Gable is the best blocker in the league at RB. All of the receivers are back and healthy now and Giguere has looked really good.
I can see a good game coming from Burris.

Good call on Hank calling the plays. That had to be it because there were very few plays like that in the rest of the game. I almost lost my mind after the twentieth 4 yard pass on 2nd and 8. Then the reins come off and the offence moves the ball with (relative) ease. I think you hit the nail on the head. And I hope coaches Austin and Condell read this post.

Henry stepped up under the worst conditions, to take the team on a 97 yard td drive when he had to…he is a winner and proved it today.
I, for one, am pretty happy to have him lead us and believe he can prove the doubters wrong (again).

You try throwing a ball in 60mph winds accurately. You try throwing a ball in conditions that make 20 yard field goals fall short.

No thanks!...I prefer to let Henry do it. Especially into that wind with the game, and season on the line!

hoping a player is injured for any reason is not cool

I guess gerbear doesn't have confidence that the cats could beat the argos with kackert playing.

I don't think it matters who plays next week. We got this. :wink:

Like many others have said already, the wind was a big factor in the way Henry played. For an aerial style offense, the weather was brutal.

I'll admit there were moments I thought Burris could have stepped it up... but seeing the comparison between Smith and Burris, it's not as though Smith did any better. The weather just wasn't suited for a quarterback. The Als did better than we did most of the game because of Sutton's running, and we couldn't seem to run the football.

its so easy to become fixated and go easy route and blame one guy the qb,,,,burris stepped out when we spread offence,,,,that wind was crazy bad,,,pretty shallow post lol

It is true that Austin let Hank call the plays on the drive.

[b]Austin admitted the Ticats pondered going with LeFevour in the fourth but opted to go with the more experienced Burris, 38, who led the CFL in passing this year, his 15th in Canada.

"At the end of the day Henry has a lot of experience and has been in these situations before," Austin said. "We just said we'd empty out and Hank, you're going to have to find the receivers and understand coverage, which he does.

"It was just a guy we believe in that's played well for us this year."[/b]

The thread title should read, Cats win because of Good Henry's Play

That was one hell of a drive and with Burris, Condell, and Austin all on the same page given Hank the ability to call his own plays on that last drive was the key. He is the one down on the field throwing the ball seeing the defense he would know what works and what would not work.
Austin has really instilled a total team mentality and uses every player on the roster with confidence and it shows.