Cats Win Despite Bad Henry's Play

Chalk up a win for Hamilton even though Burris’ passing left a lot to be desired for most of the game
against Montreal today. He didn’t show us “Good Henry” until the dying minutes of the forth quarter; at
least, not on a consistent basis. even on Gable’s touchdown, Henry’s pass almost hit the ground, but
Gable played it well and the rest is history.

The question is, which Henry will show up in Toronto next week?

In order to make my post not completely negative, I would say that beating Montreal was wonderful!
I also thought our defense looked good along with a few standouts on offense: Fantuz, Giguere, LeFevre
to mention some.

Go Cats! :thup:

SMITH, T 14 26 142 1 1
BURRIS, H 23 36 204 1 1

Sure go ahead, blame Burris for the win :roll:

Completely disagree with your analysis of Henry's play. He did what he could with what he was given for 3 1/2 quarters. BS play calls and another terrible offencive game plan by the coaches and the Cats still won. You can't have a game won like that and call the QB play bad. The weather pushed the ball around on those last drive throws to the right.

Wouldn't it be nice for once to have fans just savour a win? I can understand the criticism after a loss but a win?


I know everyone is happy but its seems everyone is still being super critical of the team. We have only won 3 playoffs game since 99, it's not like this is a common thing for the team.

We are one game away from a Grey Cup appearance and people want to complain about how we got there. Everyone knew the Als have given us fits this year, and even then we still beat them 3 out of 4 times in the regular season. We did what we had to win all those games including todays.

It's the playoffs. You win or you go home. The saying isn't you throw 400+ yards and 4 TDs or you go home.

So proud of this team I can't even explain.

I believe the wind blew that ball to gable back and short.

Don't suppose the wind had anything to do with either qb issues I guess.



Well after this game at least we don't have to worry about protecting Burris from Ottawa taking him !!!!! :lol:
That's positive thinking isn't it?

It was an ugly win for sure, but how many games have we lost in exactly he same way?
I think Gable's touchdown play was the play of the game.

Without it..... the Cats do not win!

AMEN to that!! :thup: :thup: :thup:

Only the QBs and receivers know for sure how much the wind was a factor in passes that were apparently poorly-thrown or not caught. Conditions were less than ideal but the Cats dealt with them just a bit better to secure the win.


Battling through bad winds, rain and even snow, and a tough Montreal defense, Henry came through when we needed him most. Hamilton scored a touchdown in overtime, while Montreal could only muster a field goal. And the defense played solidly and heroically throughout the ENTIRE afternoon. They were handed bad field position a number of times and still stopped the Als.

You had to be at the stadium to truly appreciate how difficult the weather was on these teams.

The MOST IMPORTANT factor was how the Tiger cats kept fighting back and found a way to win.

One in Montreal last season! Remember the incomplete pass that was ruled a pass and not challenged by Cortez. Als went on to complete the drive and beat us with a winning FG!

It looked bad enough from the comfort of my living room! Thought I saw snow there a time or two.

KUDOS to the fans who sat through all the bad weather to disrupt the Als O and cheer our guys on to victory!! There were times you obviously made a difference! :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

Never been to a game before with such a mix of different weather, a bit of everything well except warmth but didn't matter, it was so much fun. Winning as we did didn't hurt either. :wink:

I am glad they won ..and they showe dalot of character
the offensice game plan and play calling was terrible though
I don't think they fooled the als once..not the stala throw , not the banks reverses ..nothing
i was appauled at their offence and their inability to throw downfield and lack of run game
and lack of use of gable
they did she character late
i was concerned a bit with the penalties lawrence for example
it seemed like none of their plays worked like stala's pass, dan's flip to gable 3rd down gamble
al plays involing banks sucked seemed like they were playing with 2 extra men
burris overall sucked ...and he played well on one set of downs and was terrible otherwise
lots of very very bad passes even with the wind and i did not see the same bad passes by smith with the wind
bottom line is the montreal defence style and approach gives us fits and we don't have the receivers to get seperation well of the line of scrimmage
it did not matter that hebert or parker were not in there as it is the scheme that beats us
i also felt that we sucked at stopping the run and could not make the first tackle alot today
we were so lucky to win this game at first half shoudl have been like 23- 3 or smething ..but hamiltons' defence kept making plays when they needed to ..
kudos to the defence especially the db's
balls of steel for mccullough going up and making contact on that last play ofthe game as if he he didn't carter catches it anyway
breaux and murray were steller and stephen, davis and hobbs made good plays
even on the td to carter murray was right there
dan l showed gret 2knd effort wehn he got past the line ..a real tough runner
fantuz has really lost a step
i am not sure i coudl even tell if Jones and Ellingson were playing most of the game
ellingson eventually got a few passes and really came through
i see giguere is getting those yac yards now ..i like that
i would still like to see more pass rush...
i think this team is ready to breakout ..maybe next game ...when they actually can use Gable
i think they will have to get pressure on ray and i think isaac will be jacked up
I hope kackert is injured a he is a real big game player

It was fun, Earl, even shared some laughs with a couple of Als fans.

I sat on the west side and just in front of the press box. That turned out to be a good decision as I stayed pretty dry. I wore 4 layers of clothing and was still chilled at times.

Winning was great but tough on the heart.

Burris threw like he was shooting baskets. Step and throw, quit looping the ball and throwing floaters. The longest pass thrown by the cats was thrown by a player not a quarterback. On target go figure. Mr Burris let the wind get in his head.