Cats win 3/4 POW awards

OPOW - Kevin Glenn
DPOW - Stevie Baggs
CDNPOW - Chris Bauman

That is EXACTLY the news I've been waiting for. Great stuff.

Congrats to all especially Bauman. It's been a long time coming.

Congratulations to all three. If only Thiggy had returned one or two kicks we'd have swept!

Congrats guys.
Lets have another performance like that this week.

Leave it to an Argo to ruin everything. Stupid Chad Owens. :thdn:

Great job by the three, though. Anyone else think a strong last two games might propel KG to an MOP?

I thought KG was having a very good season but that Calvillo was still the class of the CFL. Your post made me look up the stats and I really have to agree with you...A strong final two games (Winning both) combined with less than stellar games for AC could very well do it for KG!

He's also the only player to win Offensive Player of the Week three times (Calvillo and Burris have won it twice), not that that really means anything. Glenn has had a great season; no less stellar than anyone else. Players tend to get overlooked for these awards based on team record, but I think because everyone agrees that this year there is no one dominant team or player, that if the Cats finish 11-7 and the Als and Stamps finish 12-6, that Glenn should get very serious consideration. I'm not taking anything away from Calvillo (or Burris or Boyd), but I think Glenn has been phenomenal and more than worthy of being named MOP. He's had what I like to call a sneaky good season.

I would think that AC would have to throw about 8 more ints than glenn in the final too games for glenn to come out on top

Excellent news, go Cats!