Cats Will Win Out

The entire West is out of the way now except for BC. The Lions have struggled this year and should be easily neutered by the Cats. The remaining games are East teams and we already saw what they can do to the Argos and Als. The only question mark is Ottawa but the Cats basically handed them a victory last time. Play disciplined against Ottawa and they can easily sweep them.

If the remaining teams cannot mimic the Stamps and Riders high blitzing defences then Masoli and company will pick them apart. Cats finish 12 and 6.

Who is on board? Only the most delusional? Otherwise flame away. ;D

I like your style! :wink:

Getting carved up by BLM is one thing but lose to Jennings and still try to claim you’re an upper echelon team ?
No way. Lose to Lions and we are a somewhat better version of the Argos.

This. The best bridesmaid of the East. She has a lot of issues including problem drinking and a propensity of running a hitch screen when she wants to leave.

The Cats won’t be winning anything until they fix their receiving corps. Tasker can’t do
everything if Banks isn’t back. We need more sure handed receivers on this team.

Do we have the drop stats from last week? I don't recall many drops at all. I do recall some wide open receivers getting missed in key spots (Tolliver late comes to mind).

Not with Masoli as our QB. Ottawa isn’t likely to lose 2 in a row to us either. They know to pressure Jeremiah and he crumbles. Bad. If we go 500 we should squeek in as the bridesmaid of the east.

The Ottawas have 2 games against the Esks, 2 against the Cats, and 1 versus the Bombers and the Argos. That appears to be a rather daunting schedule for the 2 Colours !

I like our chances . We face the Lions twice, the Colours twice, and the Als and Argos once. :slight_smile:

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Winning in B.C. is never easy

So Far, I count

3 - yea :slight_smile:

6 - nay :frowning:

Sounds about right for the TiCats forum! :-[

I disagree.

Even when the team keeps insisting theyre good?
When the team says it responds to “adversity”
Calgary was supposed to be a “statement” game.
Interested to hear what this game is supposed to represent

It represents 2 points in the standings
Important points to both teams

But games have taglines and adjectives now.
Home win over EDM was the “turningpoint”
CAL game was a “statement”.

Hoping this game doesnt have a gimmick because maybe the team has learned to just shut up and win.

Twice as many people think we won’t go on a 6 game winning streak with Masoli? Sounds about right for anyone sane!

I also think we will run the table.

BC is fighting for their playoff lives, so they should provide the biggest challenge in our remaining games. Since we are banged up on offence, Lulay is out, and both teams have good defences, I expect low scoring games, but we should win both.

Toronto and Ottawa don’t scare me at all.

And I’m looking forward to us making Manziel look silly again in game 18.

Twice as many people think we won't go on a 6 game winning streak with Masoli? Sounds about right for anyone sane!
Funny how of the 9 people that voted, you are the only one who mentioned Masoli. ;)

I’m thinking more like 10-8, splitting with BC and Ottawa, winning over Toronto and Montreal. Jennings is bound to have at least one good game in the back to back, after all, he was the starter earlier in the season. Harris is up and down, but rarely just down.

From Coach Jones’ comments in the post-game, it sounds like his preference would be to sit Banks through the BC games, and with the bye, give his groin healing time to finish strong against the Eastern teams. Don’t know if Tolliver can step it up enough to fill that void. Owens or McDaniel might help, but don’t see White being anywhere near Green’s production if Green is out. Jones may make the same decision on Green as with Banks, rest him now, concentrate on a strong finish.

Don’t want to rule out the possibility of winning it out, but think it will be uphill on a slippery slope.

I hope we win out but…
Just like some others, I predict 4-2 in our last 6.
Split against BC, split against Ottawa, and beat Montreal and Toronto

The question is , will 10-8 be good enough for first? By my predictions (Ottawa Split) Ottawa wins the season series, so Ottawa would have to finish 9-9 for us to finish first, That means they will have to go 2-4 in their last 6. Not impossible.

That home and home against Ottawa should be exciting for sure.


I’m delusionally on board. I like our chances given we don’t have any more injuries.