Cats will have the last laugh.

Now that city council and the Burger Meister have submarined the Tiger Cats, perhaps the rumours will come to fruition. That being that the Pan Am Hostco will not only pull the games from Hamilton, but BY will be building a new stadium in Burlington off the 403 at the new interchange at Waterdown Rd. renaming the team the Burlington Tiger Cats.
Then Hostco could move whatever Hamilton had been promised to the new facility in Burlington. :lol: Then city council can go down to the Rheem lot and have a corn roast!!! They will add hansomely to the toxic waste that is already present!

We can only hope there's a solution that keeps the Tiger-Cats accessible to its established core fan base.

A move to Ottawa or Quebec would be absolutely tragic. A neighbouring community like Burlington wouldn't be so bad.

I’d bet that a lot of the established fan base that you mention would not follow the team out of Hamilton. The Tiger-Cats have a very strong link to this city, not to be confused with politicians. BY knows that.

Even Burlington?

Even Burlington!

to not support the team anymore if it is moved just outside of hamilton would be completely assinine.

I support the HAMILTON Tiger Cats.. not the Ontario Tiger Cats or the Burlington Tiger Cats

Nope, to keep loyalty to a professional; sports team is assinine IMO. Being loyal to your community is not.

As all those fans in cities that lost teams.

Do you think Baltimore fans cheer for the Colts or the Ravens?

:thup: :thup: :thup:

I would continue to support the ti cats and attend games if they moved to burlington; better option the losing them completely.
i think mississuaga would also welcome the cats ...our city council blew it big time.

dont it always seem to go thay you dont know what you got till its gone.

In my book, that is losing them completely.

I want the Cats in a downtown stadium in a vibrant city centre but I think most of us would have supported the Cats regardless of where they end up as long as it were accessible to our existing fan base.

I don't see how Burlington is inaccessible to the Ti-Cats current fan base. It is considered part of the same census metropolitan area! You could easily get away with retaining the name, Hamilton Tiger-Cats in much the same way the Dallas Cowboys really haven't played in Dallas for decades. New York Jets / Giants play in which state?

So you think that the city of Burlington will pay tens of millions dollars on a stadioum that will house a team called the Hamilton tiger-Cats?

I'm sure the citizens of Burlington would love that.

I'd like to know the percentage of season ticket holders from outside Hamilton proper. Stoney Creek and Waterdown don't count. Many people might live in Hamilton but commute to Toronto or elsewhere. They won't share the same passion to Hamilton only type allegiances. I prefer to see the team remain in Hamilton but won't shed any tears if it moves nearby. Burlington people might even show up to more games, pay higher priced tickets, buy more swag, etc.

I bet Burlington city councillors wouldnt call them a welfare case like Sam Merulla does below. How does he get elected
Embarassing. Burlington is looking better by the minute for the CATS and me as well

Hamilton city councillor Sam Merulla wasn’t waiting to find out, telling reporters that a source at Queen’s Park indicated the Ticats would be re-locating to Quebec City. Merulla said that Young’s insinuation that the Ticats would be done in Hamilton after the 2011 season is “nothing short of extortion at the expense of the public purse.”

“This team, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, has been subsidized by this city by the tens of millions of dollars,” Merulla said. "They are literally on welfare and for them to try to extort us at the eleventh hour, it’s a sad, sad day.

Are the San Fransisco 49ers now going to be called the Santa Clara 49ers simply because they won't be laying in SF in a few years?

I think Burlingtonians, as much as it is common for Burlingtonians not to want to be associated with Hamilton's image and problems, can see the merits of appealing to the greater CMA and the established fanbase if it means entertainment dollars would come to their city.

I'm not suggesting this would come to be... of course there's been no debate, dialogue and definitely no funding on the table.

I just don't think a move to Burlington would remove the current fan base from the team in the way a move to Ottawa or Quebec would.

My GF lives in Hamilton but is moving soon. The TC's were the only reason why I would have come to Hamilton to spend my money. If they leave or fold I will NEVER spend another dollar in the City of Hamilton again.

Your geography could use a little work: Baltimore isn't "just outside" Indianapolis. Maryland and Indiana aren't even close.

Funny that you say you support a completely made up boundary. You do know that city lines change, right? That civic boundaries are completely arbitrary? Would you be OK with Burlington if they were amalgamated into Hamilton?

Just let Mr Young have the stadium in the Centenial Parkway location so he can sell the naming rights, support the team, make it profitable, and we never have to worry about the Ticats folding again.

A win-win.

I'm guessing you didn't read the post, but as joedavtav said, people from New Jersey seem to have no problem cheering for the Giants and Jets; people from Austin don't care that the Cowboys are from Dallas.

I really doubt anyone in Burlington would care what the team is called.