Cats Were Interested In Tillman

8) According to Drew Edwards, on his scratching post today, the rumours were that the TiCats were interested in
 bringing Eric Tillman into the fold, with him eventually replacing Obie as GM, down the road !!

 Drew was going to write a story this week about the whole situation, but that has now obviously been cancelled, since

 Tillman has signed with the Eskimos.

 Very interesting, to say the least !!

  I know that Tillmans name has been brought up in the past, with regards to him becoming the Cats GM.

Down the road? How 'bout right now.

Tillman would not have accepted a role as an understudy to Obie. He is a very good GM, and needs to run the show himself. The timing of the Edmonton job was more appealing to him. Too bad. Tillman has excellent contacts in the States.

Why? I think O'Billovich has done a good job of bringing in talent. No need to replace him. I'm sure there will be a replacement ready when the time comes.

I agree...That talent, collectively, has to stand up and be counted!

Considering Tillman's shelf life is about two to three years, he should be available when OB is ready to retire :slight_smile:

I'm hoping Danny McManus will be well trained to take over as GM by then.

Not to mention that Edmonton has been so bad recently that this as a great career move for Tillman. Even if he doesn't perform miracles there, he has everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Because he won't do anything about Gibson. :thdn:

There's no need to replce Obie now but he just turned 70 years old. Even the great Ralph Sazio, Obie's mentor and the most outstanding GM in CFL history IMO, had retired from the Argos before turning 70.
Time to bring in someone now to begin the transition phase.

If the Ticats were considering Tillman, that may indicate that McManus is not ready or that he is not interested in being a GM.

I believe the Ticats had been planning to bring in Duane Forde as an understudy to Obie before TSN made him an offer he couldn't refuse.

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Seems like McManus is interested in becoming a GM. I'm not talking about tomorrow (as it is obvioulsy a process), but I would love to see Danny as our GM some day. Promoting from within can often be a good thing, espcially since Danny is being "trained" under O'Billovich and learning the ropes now.

The Cats are a day late and a dollar short. Maybe the Cats are interested, however most intelligent individuals stay well clear of Hamilton.

Yeah, that was my thoughts also.....