Cats vs Stamps GDT

Only problem is Speedy B plays at the wrong field! :wink: :lol:

Unfortunately the nags D anticipated that last run. :frowning:

I’ll get a chance to see some TDs from Banks at TD Place in person next month.

That was a beauty corner punt by Medlock, good stop by the D and Maver gives up 2 to save some FP :thup: :thup: :thup:

Good all around!!! 10-0 us :smiley:

We’ll hope that Speedy B gets a Banks TD at TD Place :lol:

Medlock for 3...

13-0 for us :wink:

Every other receiver on our roster tonight makes that catch


Great toss but Aprile misses his first chance to impress ... and the catch.

Medlock with a HUGE long FG- didn't see how far it was - Anyone know?

Thanks - That’s what I wanted to know. Given a last second FG to win I’d put my money on Medlock.

Refs' calls going our way so far

Penalties all going the right way - so far - to Calgary :smiley:

But all of a sudden Cornish is running all over the place and the D needs to put a stop to it.

Wind is playing havoc with both teams but Paredes puts it through for 3

Cornbeef picks up 8 yards on a broken play/bad snap :expressionless:

Tracy would have had him, but then went for the loose ball instead just as Cornish picked it up again. Right move, but just a second too late.

Holding flag negates the TD catch.

DAVIS WITH THE STRIP!! Stephen with the ball!

Bit of a greased pigskin out there. Urgh.

Was that three turnovers in three plays?

CRAP Intercepted!!! Missed Tasker by a good bit but wind might have affected the toss :thdn:

And our D gets it right back forced fumble and recovery :thup:

and Ford loses it (no fault of his - Sinkfield accidentally kicked it as he went down) and gives it right back :thdn:

Looks like a game of hot potato out there just now :frowning:

Yup :frowning: