Cats vs Stamps GDT - Part II

We all know the challenges with this game. We know that Tasker, Owens, Stephen, Gable, and Scheuerman are still out with injury (with only Tasker and Gable not on the 6-game). Austin will be calling the plays from the spotter's booth.

I figure that the plan will be to limit Messam (limit, not stop) and Hit. Mitchell. In. The. Mouth.

And now, as he's named a Reserve today, we'd have to assume that Woodson is injured, as well, and that that's been kept secret by the local reporters as seems to be the norm his season.

LGTC's. Need a win. Time for Zack to get his game going

Classy of the team to play both National Anthems to start the game.

We gonna get whupped today

No indication that he'd injured - they DO have to scratch 2 players and I'm sure felt that that was a logical choice.

Meanwhile Bo and friends are marching down the field and have just scored (as I type). The D is going to HAVE to be much better if they are going to keep it even close. 8-0 them.

man did they make that look easy. Not a good sign. :x

Swiss cheese D at it again :thdn: :frowning:

Gonna be a long day.

Apparently Atkinson was injured 1 hr before the game, so we're down a guy cause we can't replace someone that late.

Can't blame that INT on Zach. The O-Line HAS to put the DL on their collective a$$ in order to stop them from blocking passes....

Now if only our defense could bat balls down like that! SIGH And intercept them. Declining the penalty left them practically in the red zone. Stopped the TD at least AND the FG. :slight_smile: THAT's BETTER!

Nice stop on the fake field goal. Just need to avoid giving up a safety now - I'm sure that was part of Dickensin's decision making process.

dodging bullets at the present.

Still going to have crappy FP. They really NEED to get out of the shadow of the goal posts - but Ford can't get it done to start.

Thank goodness that almost TD was ruled an incomplete pass. Safety given up in the interests of not giving up FP

Paredes apparently not 100% so maybe the team was told to be ont he lookout for trick plays masking as FG attempts.

Will we complete a pass in the first quarter?

Next time CATCH IT Simoni!! At least the D is looking a bit livelier this series but with that FG they're in the hole 13-0 NOT GOOD!

Much better return and FP . They just have to do something with it! YEAH Toliver and Andy!!!

YEAH WATT! Negated by a STUPID offside and Spencer isn't getting up off the field. Can't afford any more injuries to receivers!
2nd and 16 was bad enough but they converted. Now it's 2nd and 21. OUCH!!

THANK YOU MAHER!!! :thup: 48 yard FG is good!