Cats vs Riders

Just wanted to post a respectful good luck this weekend vs the riders. If Glenn is starting he always gives the riders a tough game. I hope its a shootout. Say 48 - 45 riders but DeAngelis has 15 field goals and Cobb rushes for 200 yds. I have them in my CFL fantasy pool :wink: . :rockin:


You know, I would gladly take that loss if only to shut up all the prissy fans that start topics like ‘the kicker kicks like a blind 5 legegged cow’, and ‘Cobb runs like a wadling duck’ or ‘the OC play calling is as predictable as a teenage boy in the back seat of a ‘57 chevy on prom night’ or …
I have faith in the team, they will build on this adversity. The great thing about this year is’ Every team looks beatable’

So, just because of your faith we should disregard all other opinions?

yup :slight_smile:
He has faith in them so they must not suck...

Hopefully the Riders will think that this game will be a cake walk and the Ti-Cats can rise to the occasion and kick some butts on Saturday, I am sooo Tired of watching this team lose, learn to Win and Win big.

I really do not agree with Marcel's approach winning it's like when he get's a lead he sits on it or Hamilton always just makes it by a score difference of one point, NO, if you have a lead keep pilling up the points I don't care if Hamilton has a lead and the ball with under a minute left in the game keep ramming the ball into the end zone for points, it seems to be okay for other teams to ram the ball and the game down our throats why not the Ti-Cats??

I love one point wins. They're more painful to the other team than outright demolishing them. Remember last year when we lost 31-30 to the Eskimos in Edmonton? I'm still receiving counselling for that one! :lol: The Winnipeg game was won by a 21 point margin. Fact is, this team isn't going to blow anybody away. They'll be in 60 minute dog, or should I say cat fights all the way. The closer victories reveal more character than the sexy blow outs. Any team can have a bad day at the office and an opponent can make them pay for that, but when it's a back and forth dog fight and you manage to win, they're character builders. That being said, I don't know what happened to Edmonton's character after that one point win over us? In this case, they thourght they should have won handily but only managed to squeak one out by a point so the reverse is true with respect to character building in here. It all depends on the expectations, I guess.

Oops, forgot to mention the one point loss to Calagary this year. We gotta cut that out.