Cats vs Riders, Prediction thread

Kinda late, but if anyone wants to see if they can get it right this week, here it is. Give your pre game analysis and/or score. I think sask might try to suprise the cats by passing a lot when the cats expect the run, play action, rollouts, bootlegs-ends must contain pocket. I think the cats run game will cause enough 2nd and shorts that the cats will control the ball and work off play action also. If the weather turns like they say it will later then the ground game will really be huge. Setta will be perfect and Smith will take a return to the house.
Ticats win 29-25

25 Cats 19 Riders

cats 24
riders 17


I am expecting a 2 passing touchdown from printers and a rushing touchdown from lumsden and a return from smith!and may be a field goal here or there.

34-20 ticats

Saskatchewan: 11
Hamilton: 18

I look for good things from the Cats today.


If the Riders can't stop the running game and screen passes...the Cats may just blow Sask, right out of Ivor Wynne, and this one could be over by the end of the third quarter.
I expect the Defence to have a big, big game.


Only chance the Riders have is with defence but eventually they'll get tired and discouraged then the flood gates will open.

I’m going to predict a couple interceptions today. Chris Thompson and Bradley.

Ticats for sure to win.
The other question is how many will show up in the Hammer?
Are the fine citizens of the Hammer back on the bandwagon
Tigers 43
Riders 28

Still an (eternal) optimist here.

Oskee wee wee

23-20 ticats.

Wow, a lot of optimism here. That’s great. I would love nothing more than a Tiger-Cat victory, but this week’s games have convinced me of two things. The Blue Team are not a very good team right now and Sask is better than we think. BC beat up on a very good D in WPG, but Sask held them to very little. EDM beat up on the same poor D on the Blue Team that we did. I don’t think we are as good as we think, yet. I think Sask is better than we think. Thus …

SASK - 18
HAM - 12

I think it will be a lot closer than people think, but with the Cats prevailing 27-22. Look for Setta to provide a big edge in the kicking game.

Oski Wee Wee,

Hey everyone,

Very excited its gameday. I really feel optimistic about this team now. Its going to be a great game. My prediction.

Our ticats 34
Sask. 16

I would be happy with a Ticat blowout!! Is that asking too much?

I feel this team is going places now. It`s going to be fun to watch our team today!!!

Oh yeah, Osk kee wee wee, GO CATS GO!!!! :rockin:

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I agree it will be a close one. Depends if the Cats can contain Wes Cates.

Hamilton 24
Saskatchewan 22

If we are to win today, we must keep their offence off the field as much as possible. They have one of the most explosive running backs in the league (as do we) and the inexperienced QBs will have to rely on this. If we can contain Cates, I believe the win will be ours.
Cats 38
Riders 15

Riders 22
Cats 12

Ticats 22
Riders 18

I think this will be a low-scoring one, with or without the rain. Riders have a third string QB in and Ticats are up against a good D.