Cats vs Lions record last 4 years

Was just checking out our results versus the Lions the last 4 years.The Cats have won 5 of 8 with the Lions going back to 09,and have won 3 of their last 4 visits to B.C. sweeping them in both games in 09 and 11.The games in B.C. Place have all been high scoring affairs,and every game decided by 8 points or less.Last year we lost a close one 39-36,but the three years before that we came out of B.C. with a victory.From 09 to 11 our record against them was 5 wins and 1 lose.We lost both to them last year,but who didn’t we lose to last year.All the talk about travel and time change is just an excuse the team’s track record recently in B.C. and over-all against them bodes well for this home and home series coming up!!!

2012…@ B.C. lost 39-36
@HAM. lost 37-17

[url=mailto:2010.....@B.C]2010.....@B.C[/url]. won 35-31
  .....@HAM.    lost   23-21
2009.....@B.C. won 31-28
  .....@HAM      won  30-18

HAM…W-5…L-3…Points for…251…Points agst…217…avg. score per game…Cats 31…B.C…27 (+4)

Record at B.C.Place…(09-12) 3 wins…1 lose…Points for…141…Points agst…129…avg.score…Cats…35…B.C…32…(+3)

Throw all of it in a blender and as you can see,there’s no reason why we can’t defeat the Lions back to back!! :thup: :rockin: :rockin:

Interesting stats bobo,
I watched alot of the BC at Al's game last week,
The Al's Defense rushed 7,8 and even 9 guys at Lulay almost every series.
Lulay was running for his life and was clearly frustrated.
Gone are veteran receivers Geroy Simon and AB3, who would have adjusted their routes to help Lulay.
You can only block 6 rushers, BC had no answer for it.
Even though the Al's turned the ball over 7 times, the BC offense could not capitalize on any of them.
It is tough to win on the road, but BC is vulnerable right now.
BC's Defense faded at the end, maybe because of all the 2 and outs on Offense throughout the game.
We win in a close one, on the road.

NOTE- AB3 was outstanding in that game, especially at crunch time! 2011...Cats B.C. 2011...Cats HAM. B.C. B.C. HAM.

Just to wet your appetite for Fridays are our last 5 victories against the Leos !!!!
The names and faces may be different,but the result will be the same.....GO CATS GO !!! :rockin: :rockin: :cowboy:

Looking at the Highlights from 2009 and 2010, was just wondering if we could sign up Cobb for a 2 game contract for the upcoming back-to-back against the Leos???? It seemed like he played his best games against them.Watching the videos he was a beast in those games.Too bad he didn't play like that more consistently all the time,no wonder he was only in town for 2 seasons.With all the changes going on in B.B. land and with Marcel signing ex-Cats all over the place,maybe he'll resurface in the PEG. :roll: :wink:

I was at the 2011 game when Ticats beat BC 42-10. Previous to that they had won 8 straight after starting the season 0-5. Seemed no one could beat them in that 8 game winning streak but the Ticats managed to do it in a very convincing fashion! I also remember last year's game at BC Place and it seems to me that we led for a good portion of the game. It can be done! :smiley: :smiley: :thup:

[url=] ... ver-ticats[/url] Game highlights B.C 39 HAM. 36

The Cats were actually losing this game early in the 3rd quarter....33-14.....but outscored the Lions 19-6 the rest of the way to come up just short of the victory.

Look for a high scoring game tonight between these two teams!!! The Cats last 4 trips to B.C. have produced an avg. of 35 points per game for them.This should be another high scoring affair,as these 2 teams like to light it up,when playing each other in B.C. My prediction.......more of the same as their last 4 meetings here.......HAM-37.....B.C-30....The Cats will fly home for the rematch at Guelph extending their win streak to 4 games !!! GO CATS GO :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: preview of tonights game :rockin: :cowboy: