Cats Vs Lions Playoff game 2009

On now on TSN2!

I don't get TSN2 but truthfully....if I did, I wouldn't want to watch that game. I'm still upset that we lost that game AND to Printers of all people. The guy was useless when he was here and then the minute he's gone....manages to turn his life around. Go figure.

Don't blame Printers too much for his shortcomings here. He did play poorly, but who exactly did he have to play with? The talent level was very low here for a very long time. I think if he was in this offense with these players, he'd perform very well.

Are we really gonna get into this again?

I started watching it but it was too depressing so I turned it off.

I watched it That Team left everything on Field for us but it was not Enough

Alot of those players have moved on and it a new season
With new Hopes and Dreams every one is 0-0 and has a Shot at the Brass Ring
That game will always leave a me Hunger for a Grey cup.

It like walking Sands of Syria looking for water once you find it
it will worth the wait

After watching that game last night i understand why we cut Dan Goodspeed. He got owned by Brent Johnson on A LOT of plays.

It also reminded me of how good Marquay McDaniel and Drisan James are.

ya he was not quick off the Corner anymore
Jason is Nastier Blocker has the complete 2009 season record HERE

Each and every 2009 game has the highlights and recap video package online, and watching some of those early suprise games brings it all back. Click on any game line and the video package choices are then shown below. How about the trip out to BC July 10th when Cobb made his debut, or the victory over Calgary September 18th when the defending grey cup champs were surprised?

No need to wait for TSN2 to review the feel of those games.

Oskee wee wee