Cats vs Greenies Thurs 1 Aug

Speedy to coach O
who needs practice??

Hi Bobo,

Number of tackles doesn’t mean much . It just shows that they went after Shorthill alot. Just look at Breaux’s tackles and interceptionsyet he is the best shut down corner in the league. I noticed alot of completions in his area. Overall , he had a decent game. I think Tracy had a good game again and Tuggle made some plays. Too bad Tracy is injured again. Mauldin the former New York jet third round pick would be a great replacement to share reps with Howsare. Mauldin is fast and strong and fast. I am not sure what they are going to do with Westerman and his huge contract. Irons also had a decent game . I can see Marshall dressing soon and getting some reps. Coombs is fast but not sure what went wrong with the running play in the red zone on first and goal for a ten yard loss…Bad play call? poor blocking ? Or was it on Coombs. I felt the Ticats threw to banks way too much ( 11 times ) while guys like Acklin and Addison only had a couple passes come their way.
I think Evans has looked ok at best and made far too many bad pass at the receivers feet or to the ground. He has had enough game action and time to learn the offence and know the receivers and the CFL game. I give his performance a C - on this game and I don’t expect him to do much better in Saskatchewan. Since we are starting 9 nationals , I would slide Palmer over to guard to replace Ciraco and give Gibbon more time to learn.

Cut Evans some slack based on last week though.
Took second team reps in practice and game planned for Masoli.

This week is a short week, add in travel.

It will be his second start IMO until we can start to judge what we have in him.

fixed it for ya. His name is Shortill not Shorthill.

I’m sure I saw Shortill make tackles in the backfield, and also applying pressure on Nichols on more than one occasion as well as in the field. Remember, he was playing LB, not DB, so he has run, blitz, and cover responsibilities, not just cover. Sometimes the offence likes to draw the LB in, or spots the LB coming in, and then throw behind him. Up to the safety or HB to cover for him.

I go with Coach O’s advice: don’t try to be Simoni, just play your game at your best level. I thought he did, and had a good, solid game. He maybe is no Simoni, but if he was, I guess he’d be our regular starter?

If only that were the only issue with that post :slight_smile:

But he certainly IS a Shortill. IMHO he could be a starter on any other team in the league.

Banks, Tracy and Ciraco all listed as questionable.

What happened to Banks?

Coach’s presser after practice

Good question! What happened to media coverage of Monday’s practice? This is the first I’ve heard anything about Speedy hurting. And, of all places, we get it on the CFL’s website.

I must say, my expectation of a decent performance by Evans, in his first meaningful CFL start, will be considerably diminished if he doesn’t have Speedy to throw and hand off to.

What’s up with the players who are able to come off the six game injury list? Westerman and Marshall?

I’m fully expecting Fajardo to get eaten alive by our defence.

I hear someone saw him downtown in a walking boot…


Or perhaps he never really left - other than to attend an event on July 26 a bit east of downtown.

? Too funny!

Thanks, TSN Nissan Power Rankings

Told we wouldn’t be taken truly serious until we beat "somebody. "
Beat Calgary, fine, you’re No. 2 .
But if you wanna be No.1 you have to beat winnipeg…
Beat Winnipeg without starting QB for half the game and voila…

Um, no, you stay at No.2.

Let us know if there’s anything else we can do . K ?

Theyre now the future rankings. “Hamilton would have been number 1 if they didn’t lose Masoli”

I says pardon?

Yes, the combination of an improved defence, Fajardo’s relative inexperience, and more game film on him will all be in the Ti-Cats favour.