Cats vs Greenies Thurs 1 Aug

Will we go with the defense we had against the BBs?
Will DE have enough time with the #1 receivers to improve that part of the game?

I wonder if Westerman is coming off the 6-game list and ready to be activated.

Salary cap impact becomes less of a concern with our starting QB moving to the 6-game himself.

The Riders are coming together, and looked good against BC.

And their house will be rocking.

This will be a great game. Can’t wait for it.

Only Gerbear knows for sure! :wink:

Tough place to win, but, we will win in a close one. :slight_smile:

Another good question: If Brooks is ready, who do you take out of the line-up to get him back on the field?

DBs played great against WPG. Can you sit Rolle after a two-INT performance? Do you rotate Frankie to give him more energy for the return game? Is Leonard really as bad as GentleBear thinks he is?

Question is does that say cap room mean we can try and load up somewhere else?

This will be our trap game.

Fajardo has been getting reps and has solid play in last couple of weeks.

Wouldn’t be surprised if we lost this game, coming off a high from the last game.

Debbie downer, we win this one. We are a better team even without JM

Keep in mind that even though the Greenies are sporting a 3 - 3 record so far this season that those 3 wins came against the 2 worst teams in the league . 1 win vs Toronto and 2 vs BC .
Combined the two teams that they have beaten are sitting at 1 - 12 on the season . So in reality not so impressive that they are sitting at .500 after beating up the two weaklings in the school yard so far this season .

I know that our track record is not great when we play there and their fan base are a rapid bunch BUT we can and should win this one with or without Masoli in the line-up…oh and also without the dirtiest player in the league in uniform as well ::slight_smile: . It will make a victory on Thursday night twice as sweet over those melon heads when we do it with both Masoli and Simoni out of action and not playing , albeit for different reasons .

Evans will do fine filling in for JM and contrary to what Gerbear said about Shortill being just okay on Friday night , I think that he must’ve been watching another game because from where I sat Shortill was a beast filling in for Simoni against those Bombers . Leading tackler in the game with nine on the night . No reason to think that he won’t do the same in this one against a much weaker opponent .

The Cats’ first game, this year, without Masoli as their starting QB, will be the Riders’ sixth without Collaros starting. SSK management and, maybe Zach himself, are facing a big decision to be made next week.

This week, I look forward, with fair confidence, to seeing how Dane does. Among the things I hope the Cats can repeat from their performance vs. WPG, is something I don’t think got mentioned in our post-game exchanges – only 3 penalties, for a total of 20 yds. But, I wonder if the reason was, maybe, just that particular officiating crew as the Bombers only had 4 calls against them for 32 yds.

That is the nicest thing I have been called on this site.

Tracy had a good game last week but I have been dying to see what we have in Mauldlin if he can’t go.

Next up for Ciraco might be an import due to our roster flexibility.

What about this Westerman myth I keep hearing about? ;D

Does this player even exist or is it a typo on our roster sheet? :wink:

Doubt it, I think they will go with Gibbon. They even said that when they drafted him, that he could start this year if they need him too.

Might be an opportunity for Westerman

Westerman, Girard, Marshall and Mitchell have all now completed their time on the 6-Game Injured List. I don’t recall if any of them were truly injured when put on the list, at the final cut down. But, this is the week the club has to decide where they go, or stay, next.

I do agree Bobo! Our D has really started to come together and will be a test for Fajardo who has only won against the sinking boatmen and the toothless leos! Our D has really come together and I would hazard to say that they are probably a bit better than the Saskie D IF they play like they did vs the Bombers.
Agree on Shorthill - was at the game and kept hearing his name announced as the tackler. He’s not Simoni but he certainly does make plays!
I expect this will be more of a defensive battle than a shoot out and don’t think the score will be that high but I do think this team can pull off the W.

And that one win was only because they played each other. And it could easily have been a tie.