Cats VS Bummers

Looks like Winnipig is in mid season form....

Not even half time and the Cats are up 21-0


With the PAT it will be 28-0

Burris to Ellingson

Remember that Pierce isn’t playing tonight. Oh, I get it.

Goltz picked off in the Cats end zone... it goes all the way back for the Cats TD...


I didn't think it was legal to have DBs who can catch. At least, that's the way it's seemed the last few years. Not this year. We seem to have a bunch of ball hawks on the team.

Even tho the Bummers are fielding mostly rookies.. this is STILL fun, any kind of Bummer beating, is a good beating

Uh, it's 35-0 at the half?! That's some Creehan D right there! :lol:

Apparently Tim Burke made the comments before the game that we are not interested in Winning, we are interested in playing our Young players but don't you think the coach would want to win regardless??

I mean they played a mix of players in their first game against Toronto but no Buck Pierce for a home stadium crowd at the new stadium in Winnipeg? This might be a big challenge in Winnipeg this season even to get a Win, remember they also have Casey Creehan as their Defensive Co-Ordinator and we know how well that worked for us last year, last in Defense in the CFL??

I think our Coach Kent Austin and all our coaches have the winning attitude and it rubs off on the players to Win and Play like a team!!

I like what I hear in Guelph Tonight on radio and can't wait for next Friday in Toronto!!

Eat Em Raw Tiger-Cats!!!

It almost brings back nightmares…lol

Who is #41 guy looks nice

LOL I forgot about him going

Rookie linebacker Erik Harris. Yeah, I’m hearing his name a lot tonight.

How could Burke be interested in winning if he's starting Pierce this season.

Even though it's preseason, losing this bad can't be good for ticket sales in Winnipeg.

Meanwhile, I like what I'm hearing from the Hamilton side...

Given some early losses, there will a lot of BB fans who will try to forget him too!!!!

Haven't you heard.... it was a personnel issue here, Creehan now has the proper people in place apparently :roll:

IMO to say your not interested in winning sets a bad vibe for the players. Burke does not seem like a good head coach. Its going to be ugly if Buck gets hurt this year. Austin is a players coach and has set a good vibe and a winning attitude with our players. Something we have not had since Lancaster in 98 and 99

Congi opens the lead a bit in this barn burner... 41-0 Cats!

Brown with his 2nd pick... Cats take over... down to the 4

Congi.... 44-0

Looks like the Bummers will break the goose egg, courtesy of Volcy's fumble....