Cats vs Bombers

Bombers win their first game of the season at home? :thup:

Does anyone know why this is scheduled for a Wednesday night? There's no soccer team or Indy to work around here

It's almost as stupid as having yet another doubleheader on a Thursday night. :? The scheduling is indeed a head scratcher at times that really has no rhyme or reason to it. With only 4 games played max in a week there is really no reason to have to play two on the same night , especially midweek or even one game on an off night such as a Wednesday night like tomorrows game.

Just out of curiosity does anybody from the Peg know exactly why this game is scheduled for tomorrow ? I mean is there something else going on later in the week at IGF that makes it unavailable that we're not aware of ? perhaps a jamboree and square dance ? Monster truck ? WWE Wrestling ? Some sort of concert or festival ? A stupid Soccer game ? It has to be something otherwise why is this game scheduled for midweek on of all things a Wednesday night. :o

Question is :

Which JM, will QB this game.

Horrible JM , or outstanding JM ?

We often see both within the same game.

As for B-88's question:

Well he's been known to be both in the same game. :o

As for Linden53 and his question:

Nevermind if the Bombers can win their first game at home this season , how about it's more like if they can win their first game at home since damn near a year ago. Unbelievably the last time they actually did win at IGF was Sept. 12/15 in the Banjo Bowl and have gone 0-6 at home since. :oops:

ExPat beat me by two minutes :slight_smile:

Well Bobo, that stellar record at home can be laid right at the feet of our All-Star coach. Never mind the excuses of the O-line or the D-line or the kicking, it took O"Shea 2 1/2 years to make a QB change. Movin right along with ole Mike. Somebody somewhere must be making decisions because our coach just stands there with his hands in his shorts(he doesn't wear pants) and waits for some miracle to happen. I know this because I've watched the game film of his 28 losses. :roll:

BTW, I got a good laugh from your post to me in the Chris Jones thread. :lol: :lol:

Nope. Out coached.

But it's the opening ceremonies of the Olympics - usually one of the biggest TV audiences. No Friday night games this week. TSN is not going to risk going head to head with the Olympic opening ceremony.

...all of those at once, so it's going to require a bit of clean up time

I don't think Austin should put any notches in his gun if he out coaches O'Shea !

I think the issue here is all of Winnipeg's injuries. They're pretty beaten up and that might be the difference.

Drew EdwardsVerified account
Referee for the #Ticats v. #Bombers game... wait for it... almost there... Andre Proulx.

That's a pretty logical explanation. There's already a double header on Thursday so no room there. I guess Wednesday nights can give better TV numbers than Saturday afternoon.

Oh well, the Summer Olympics are once every 4 years and in the Western Hemisphere less often than that.

Proulx's biggest problem is that his name makes it more difficult to fly under the radar like other CFL officials who can have bad games...He makes a convenient scapegoat for the losing team's 'fans' :thdn:

Lets hope Johnny does one of his charming polls for us . :lol: :lol:

It will be horrible Masoli! He played the game of his life last time out, so he will lay an egg this week! :rockin:

Time will tell.

Feels weird watching a CFL game on a Wed. :roll:

Last time out against the Bombs, Masoli played the worst game of his career .

He will not be that bad this time.

He may not play his best game, but if the Ham D can contain the Bombs " offense" , he will not have to.

About how long does it take to drive to the stadium from the airport?