CAts VS bills

Im not 100% sure where I herd this, It could have been in a dreamfor all I know. I herd somwhere that the cats and bills are going to have an exibition game?

It was not a dream, they announced this game on April 1 2008

Imagine the humiliation in Buffalo if the Ticats won such a game.

Was there any word on where this game might be played and by whose rules?

yes, announced on April 1. Let's all take a second to think about what tradition is celebrated on April 1.

it is to be played in neverland by European rules

I could kick myself for falling into this trap, which should have been immediately apparent.

Guess I'm getting old! :oops:

I have to admit, the current administration always comes up with some clever April Fools stuff every year........and they always succeed in catching a few fans with their guard

However, while we're on the subject, since Mr. Young has come up with a cross-marketing deal with the Bills recently, how about the Bills wearing the Tiger-Cat uniform for one of those NFL games in Toronto .............boy, would that p.iss off the Argo fans that are attending or what!!.....I bet the Bills fans would love it and "get it"......"it" being that Toronto wants to steal the Bills from Buffalo, sooooooooooo, what if the Bills wear the Ticats

Bob?.......thoughts on this potential scandal ? :wink:

August 8, 1961:

Tiger-Cats 38
Bills 21

Cats have a strangehold on this rivalry! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,