Argos D better come up big in this match; Glenn and the Ti-Cats can put up the points "IF" all cylinders are ignited. We''ll see how Jyles does; receivers have to step up to the plate and also must win the Special teams battle.

i may be a bit of a dreamer... and i did pick hamilton in VGCC... but if the argos win, playoffs are possible.

argos took everyones advice and shook up thier recieving core (the passables)

will they do any better?
I guess we will see

elaborate? im slow.

Djems is in the lineup along with sammy tranks tonight

and prechae is starting in his first game in place of rideau

is Cope still in?

yep, but they did it wrong. should've benched Cope or Owens long before Rideau. Not that Rideau's great but at this point he's a better receiver than Owens and Copeland just doesn't scare anyone anymore.

Prechae Rodriguez made his big impact in Hamilton as a deep threat.

Why on earth has every team that has given him a chance since thrown him nothing but short yardage ins, outs, slants, screens? Remember when they called him "Big Play Prechae"? It wasn't because he caught a lot of two yard passes..

Terry Grant having a good game along with mixing it up pass/play action by Glenn has Hamilton leading 14-3. Barker looks frustrated; good thing the Argos have Boyd though, otherwise....still lots of time to go.

Grant has 110 yards rushing

Glenn made some poor decisions but the 'Cats have Grant and Cobourne who are having good games on the ground and picking up YAC. Glenn has started to find a rhythm now. Argo offense isn't doing much and aren't giving the ball to Boyd enough.

Oh..... I think that the Argo offense is doing just fine. :smiley:

Can the Cats get 2 runners over 100 yards tonight?

Out of bounds, easy call.

The refs probably don't even hear Barker anymore. They're just used to the constant whiny noise in their ears whenever Toronto is playing. Everyone tunes him out. Probably even his own team, hence the 3-9.

----- Bring back ah........I mean do I mean it :cowboy:

even Kevin Glenn being his usual self works out well for the Cats. big turnover and Shell fumbles returning it.

and that's a joke, Belton Johnson should be gone. must have learned that from Jiminez.

Oh boohoo

It looks like I'm poised for my first 4-0 week of the season!
We can safely conclude which 6 teams make the playoffs this year. Now we just have to sort out the seeding.

horrible horrible reffing
this week has had the worst reffing ive ever seen in any pro league

WTF?? Didn't one of the Argos guarantee a win? :wink: