Cats vs. Als - Play by Play Thread

Jesus in gonna throw up. So choppy

Not too often that QBs draw flags but Adams just did! ::slight_smile: For OC

I’m using the app - it’s clear

Yup - same thing here. Settles down from time to time - must be the network

Adam’s looks good

After an impressive start our D is letting Adams and friend march down the field. They need to be better than that.

Ok time to stop em…

Me too. It seems to have just settled down though. ::slight_smile:

Man, TSN’s feed looks like crap right now. It’s like trying to watch a game in 1972 with a crappy aerial.

Never mind, they fixed it.

Wow - nice move on Davis!

Just heard on the pregame show (radio) that Adams was worse than Moniz in training camp last year - by those who know FAR more than I do! I think he can make some decent plays but then starts to make bad decisions.

Not going to give him too much credit yet. Time for some Masoli magic but he has a long field too.

Montreal doesn’t go for the points?

Yeah that’s going to come back to bite them…

Afraid of the Speedy B special?

Especially if Masoli can drive the field for the TD. Got them out of the hole anyway - but not far enough - so much for the TD

Not about this game - but what happened to the “players of the week” awards?

STE was one of three last week. 8)


NOW that more like it D- PICK by BROOKS! ;D ;D ;D

And there’s the pick…

The D is keeping us in this - that’s fine with me. Hopefully Masoli finds his groove now!