Cats vs. Als - Play by Play Thread

Since no one else has, I’m going to start the game thread. Let’s go Cats!

There’s also one in the CFL Talk forum.

I actually never go there :wink:

Changed the name to play-by-play

Ah here’s what I’ve been looking for! Thanks!
i go to the main forum for non-Ticats games but prefer to chat here for Ticats games.

But you’re missing all pissing contests.

Time to go bird hunting.

Hi all

I’m sure that they’re ready to feast again - leaky boatmen aren’t that tasty! ;D ;D :wink:

And the flags are already flying! ::slight_smile:

Interference on the kicking team???

Big Teddy!

Well the D is certainly ready to go! Managed to sack Adams while he was trying to scramble away! YEAH BIG TEDDY!!

And Speedy being Speedy! :slight_smile:

And Masoli being Masoli…

Two brain-cramps by Masoli…

Masoli picked off on that deep throw but at least they’re starting by their own goal line! I predict a defensive battle for the first half - at least until their D gets worn out from being on the field all the time!

INT. Ball underthrown. Jones was open for the TD. At least they are pinned.

I have to look that one up. Didn’t realize that was possible.

Well they were but they’re out of it - for now!

Anyone else getting a “jumpy” broadcast?