Cats vs. Als - Play by Play Thread (July 4)

Bent like a willow, but didn’t break completely. Whew.

I’m with you on the uni’s too - they were due for a MUCH needed make over! Even when teams re-did uniforms for the 100th anniversary the larks stuck with the old ones.

Hopefully the only lead that they’ll have all night.

Masoli gonna Masoli…

Oh shite, Soli cmon man

OUCH - Masoli needs to clean up those picks - especially deep in their own end! >:(


Cats vs Al’s??? What teams are these?

Well, that wasn’t good.

It’s literally Danny Mac 2.0

Poor decision. Good thing it’s early.

Looks just like one he tossed last week - Banks didn’t have a chance to get in front of it.

Looks like they are only rushing 3. Makes it hard for Masoli to account for all of the cover guys apparently. :frowning:

D needs a BIG stop here - return the favour with a pick of their own preferably!

Did the teams switch uniforms?

The Als are making it look easy.


Stop the run man wtf are you doing

Ummmmmmmmmmm… not so good

Have to wonder but I’m sure our guys will bounce back. it’s early - lots of time - and this isn’t Calgary. Have to remember that the larks gave the EE a good run for their money in week 1 on the road.

Not the least bit worried…