Cats vs. Als - Play by Play Thread (July 4)

Greetings from Molson Stadium!

I am at the game with my nephew…ought to be fun!!

Let’s hope it’s a blow out!! I know, not good for the Als but would be great to have out backups play more.

Thanks for posting!
Have a great time

Warmups in progress…

Enjoy!! And thanks for starting the thread from "La Belle Province"! :slight_smile:

Supposed to be 34degrees C, stay hydrated

Lets get it!!

They will be lucky if 15K are at the game…

I wonder if our guys are happy they’re on the road and not wearing black jerseys? Notice that they’re in white jerseys (of course) and gold pants.

There is a small breeze – I am four rows up behind the Cats bench, so it has cooled a wee bit.

Man, the TSN panel is really yapping about how this may be a trap game for the Cats. What’s different from last week? Yeesh!

From shots of the crowd - few as they are - it looks sparse although I'd think there might be a decent showing when Brodeur-Jourdain is playing his final game. And of course Teddy the Erli will have their own cheering sections - 80 strong for Erli from what i heard.

Hank and Sanchez looking for a trap game or letdown game for us. Show them we don’t play like that!!

Probably going to be a bit cooler in the stands than on the fiel

Guess that they haven't been listening to Coach O - I'm sure the players have been listening to their coach though and they know they can still be better. Masoli in his post game comments last week said there were things to clean up and he had to be better. This team is not going to be resting on it's laurels.

Hi all.

Thanks for starting this Russ!

Always a fun place to watch the game. Not the best view, perhaps, but a lot of fun.

Coverage a bit slow on the kick off return - larks have good FP

Larks are showing some life here - can they contain them and limit the to a FG?

Mission accomplished - although a 2 and out would have been better.

Love the new Al’s uniforms, best looking ones they have had since the 1970s.