Cats vs Als PBP Thread

Kickoff is a few minutes away.

Let's see how our backups-to-our-backups do...

Dodged a couple of bullets on the first Montreal drive despite loose coverage of their receivers.

Well put! :smiley: Although there is a sprinkling of starters in the lineup. Just wish the the larks had decided to rest some of their D players in favour of playing some prospects for next season. But so far so good.

Well at least until they took a couple of bone- headed penalties. :x And then the ST left a huge gap for Logan to run through!

eff me...

Hey, our offence gets the ball back after that punt.

Looked like the officials missed a hold right at the beginning of Logan's Run. Oh, well.


Hi folks!

Well of course they did. The officials NEVER want to see the Ticats have an advantage! :wink:

Collins actually came out to play today...

Classic Zach on the deep throw to Collins.

Also on the non-TD throw to Jones - which would have been a TD with any of our starters.

Why can't our receivers catch the frickin' ball???

Definitely a hold! :wink:

I wondered where the flag was on that play. Too bad Austin had to challenge to get the DPI call!
No UR flag on the D player who threw the receiver out of bounds??? :x

And NO DPI AGAIN in the end zone?? :x :x

I missed who the commentators are but I recognise Dunnigan's voice. He's as bad as Rod Black -I am convinced they get paid by the word. :frowning:

By my count there were TWO missed penalty calls on those last couple of plays. Haven't the Ticats had enough bad calls against them this season???? :twisted:

Gord Miller. I think he's the best PBP man for TSN...

The Als offense is offensive. LOL

Ours is not looking much better :thdn:

Time to make a choice: either block their blitzing players, or sit our franchise QB.