Cats vs Als "Nothing Game" PBP Thread

We know Who's playing, Where they're playing, What they're playing for, When its on, Why they're playing, and How they're playing (depth charts).

I'll be watching in Ottawa on the good TV, typing away as the game ensues...

WTF is Mike Jones doing in the line up. He is garbage

Andy's out with a stiff neck, and they needed a replacement NAT receiver...

They're starting eight nationals again, so they could have gone with an internationals. But I guess they're going for flexibility.

Durant intercepted by Unamba. Reed wastes his only challenge - apparent issue with the play was that he didn’t like the outcome.

Going for illegal contact, but may have been after the ball was thrown, resulting in no call?

Was that ball catchable?

Put a pylon in, it would play better than Jones

Reed wishes he had his challenge back after Tasker draws DPI on an uncatchable ball.

Some people are colour blind. Masoli is “sideline blind?. Has no idea where the sideline is when he makes his throws.

The Masoli inaccuracy strikes again. That would have been a TD if the corner wasn't cut off...


Unamba forgets to touch Giguere on the ground, allows him to get up and keep running.

Coleman RTP on the same play.

Sets up TD pass on the next play.

D looking like the 0-8 D we had first half. No intensity, stupid undisciplined play.

Masoli can barely complete a pass, and the ones he has, have been very poor throws. Time for Zach...

Can we win on field goals alone? Comes down to defence - stopping them at least two thirds of the time.

Masoli inaccurate passing continues.

Brandon Banks punt return for TD. Many heads explode in the Hamilton area.

Speedy B sure likes returning against the Als, doesn't he?

If he played for another team, Banks would have a shot at one of the three players of the month for October.