Cats vow not to trade Goss. Big mistake?

From this morning's Hamilton Spectator:

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I like the fact that Ticat management is being assertive, but if Medlock is right and Goss is going to take plays off because he's being forced to play for the Ticats, I say trade him. Desjardins says in the article that he's not giving Goss up "for peanuts," and Medlock says Goss is worth at least one, if not two good players. Edmonton wants Goss, and we need a starting receiver or linebacker. I say trade Goss for Gaylor, Tompkins, Mobley or Gass.

Goss has trade value and DOES NOT WANT TO BE IN HAMILTON. I think the Cats realize this (despite what they say publically) and will move him for another piece of the puzzle.

Sounds like trade talk to me.

ok, heres something to think about!

1. jason goss, by publicly stating his displeasure has made it more difficult for ticat mgmt. to receive fair value for him because every other team knows the situation.
2. how many teams really want a guy that quits on his team in the middle of a season. i know there was family issues, but if we were winning, would he have left? now that goss has publicly stated his feelings i question his integrity and so will other teams.
3. it would not be in his best interest to come up here and takes plays off. not only would his trade value fall, as his agent indicates, but his career would also be in jeopardy.

 although there are other ways to look at it i think this pretty much tells us what we are looking at. goss is a third year player. he is a good DB, no doubt, but he is not deon sanders. if he wants out of hamilton, he will keep his mouth shut and play out his option, like other players have done, and test free agency next year. i hope that jason is forced to come back and play here or sit out. either way, the little boy who just does'nt like losing(boo-hoo!) should SHUT UP!! and SUCK IT UP!! <!-- s:x -->:x<!-- s:x -->

I love the way Hamilton management is handling this malcontent . Im tired of hearing this guys whinning and im now sure that Hamilton is on the right path leadership wise .

The guy just wants out of Hamilton but Mitchell and the boys are not going to cave like we have so often in the past . If someone wants him they`ll have to pay . If not, Goss will have to play hard and well, to impress teams who may want him next year when he becomes a free agent . If he were to whine all season long would teams be interested when he does become a free agent ? What if he were to try this with future teams ??? Good job Mitchell !!!!!

I defended Goss through this last year and I find all of this very disturbing. I am starting to think that his leaving had less to do with his family and more to do about not wanting to play for this team.

I'm not at all saying that Goss wasn't concerned about his family matters but maybe he was just not committed to the team which made it very easy for him to leave when the problems happened. He and his agent seem to be saying all the wrong things. Mitchell said that a flight to Pheonix is only one hour longer than form Calgary and it's probably an easier flight to get from Toronto.

Good for the team in the way they are handling this and if he stops playing on the field good luck to him finding a team next year because nobody will want him.

"He will report, so if you don't trade him, you'll get to see how much he is in it mentally. You can't suspend a player if he is not making plays," Medlock added.
Did I read this correctly in that article?.....sounds like a threat to the club that Jason will not make plays....because otherwise, how would his agent have any clue how Jason will play..?

This is getting just plain silly....I understand the stance the club is making, but seriously, you can't have a player like that in the locker room....we can't afford it this year. If he's going to sit in the corner and pout like his agent suggests he will, well then I think it's a poisonous situation. And then, there's Ray Thomas busting his gut trying to get that "black and gold" jersey back on....what a contrast.

President Mitchell was quite correct though about the flights from Toronto only being a difference of maybe an hour as opposed to a flight from a western city.....

But, does the team really need this showdown right now?.....I say we cut our losses and get rid of him if that's going to be the attitude of a player...who needs it, and besides, it's taking negative energy to deal with this and right now we need positive vibes flowing....especially to all the existing players and hopefuls who are reading stuff like this.....The Young and the Restless or Coronation Street are the only soap operas they need to see in the :wink:

Seriously, Coach Rust needs this grief like a hole in the head....let's start anew with people who have a desire to go out and kick some serious ass!

One more thing....Jason's wife really need to not post in here's making a bad situation worse in my opinion....I understand the emotion but, c'mon....these forums are for fans to argue and spit at each other....not for players or family members to argue their business dealings with the's boring :cowboy:

Have a great Saturday everyone!


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(Come on summer!!....I hate this cold!) a big big fan of jason goss but i had no idea he hated it that much year.. makes me kinda think.. like to say he doesnt have the heart to play with these guys anymore. wow.. i uno man that kinda scares me.. wtf happen man j use to be wicked.. and if ken is right 1 flight from toronto to phenix is 4 hours ten whats the bid deal, aslo from caglary or any other western team its 1 hour less.. jeez i uno JG wats goin on man?

Ticats' president Scott Mitchell and GM Marcel Desjardins are right to require Jason Goss to honour the option year of his contract. Nonetheless, one hopes that a western CFL team makes the Ticats a trade offer that is too good to refuse. In today's article in The Hamilton Spectator, the agent for Jason Goss has made it clear that Goss will not concentrate on his job with the Ticats this year and won't be re-signing with the team. Seeing that the Ticat defence will be learning a new system under a new coaching staff this year, it is unproductive to waste a starting roster space on an unhappy defensive back who won't be coming back next year.

. You can't suspend a player if he is not making plays," Medlock added.

No you can't but let me know how you like sitting on the bench?

LOL Thats good.

We win our first 2 games and all of the sudden Jason will want to be here again.

I wonder what value he would be to another team if he had to sit out a full season? If Goss and his agent don't smarten up, he will not have a future in the CFl at all.

Kudos to Management for the way they are handling this "distraction" :thup:

No Mikey just getting rid of him is not the answer !!!!

It`s a ploy by his agent who could care less about our team . If Goss were able to just leave and then came back with Edmonton or Clagary and he makes a play to beat us and it ends up costing us a playoff spot what would you say then ??

Were gonna stand firm and in the end one way or another hell help this team !!!!

Great post, and i agree with you completely. If you can just ask to be moved whats the value of a contract?

He signed it, he honours it..... dont kid yourselves he is making good money.

[b]"He will report, so if you don't trade him, you'll get to see how much he is in it mentally. You can't suspend a player if he is not making plays," Medlock added.

It was clear from the time Goss exited that family matters was not the honourable reason he jumped ship. Many more untruths and posturing has led to this mess. Maybe even Gossfan, too, fuelled the flames, (poorly I'd say) but the Cats must, for the benefit of the league, show Goss who is running the hen house. Sit him idle for the whole 2007 season. No paycheck for him or his *** of an agent might spark some smarts into their pants.

I have no sympathy for this quitter who is under contract.

I stayed out of the other thread because it was so much personal claptrap that it eventually got locked. That said I KNEW that being closer to home had nothing to do with the trade request because of the flight details outlined this morning and the fact that he was quoted as saying he hated the losing. I do believe that Goss could be suspended for threatening not to play to the best of his ability and that by having such statements comming from his camp he has opened himself up to fines as well. IMO its better to put him on the practice roster and send him home if that is possible.

This is all posturing by his agent...negotiating in the press

It's not real..his agent is creating a tempest in a teapot...

...don't get your shorts in a knot over it.

The Ticats have the upper hand.

This will be resolved in our favour.

I give Goss the benefit of the doubt because of his family issues. There's no way for me to tell how much of any emotinal turmoil might be affecting his "desire" to play.

How much of it is family, and how much of it is not wanting to be in Hamilton because of the losing?

I can't quantify it, and I hope that he and the Ti-Cats work it out.

Maybe the Ti-Cats' approach of tough love and professional obligation is just what Goss needs to get his state of mind back on track after his hiatus. If not, he just might be a lost cause. Only time will tell.

I'd like to give Goss the beefit of the doubt, but he and his agent have made that impossible. Last season I understand, todays garbage has nothing to do with family and is pure unprofessional selfishness.

Last year..I was on Goss's side "Family does come first"...
but if its true that he didn't want to play anymore for the cats,and wants to be beit...I would trade him to Montreal!!!..further away from home. :lol:

As usual my fellow Ticats fans over react and bash. For one all of these comments are coming from the agent.

Are you telling me some of you havent questioned this new staffs moves. I understand them all but I think Goss is frustrated with losing and that what I like to hear.

My prediction...we dont trade him, he comes to camp, meets with the staff, stays and plays really well.