Cats v. Peg Prediction Thread

What say you?

Cats in a close slobberknocker: 38 - 35

Bighill and Loffler are big hitters. Most of the Cat receivers are little guys. Do up your chin straps boys.

I'm with you BillyDee.

Hoping the Cats finally execute down the stretch and win one of these close games we seem to struggle with.

Hamilton 31
Winnipeg 28

I mixed up the games on my calendar and thought the Cats were playing to-night on the Thursday Night match-up. Bummer, been nervous all morning for nothing!

To compensate, I'll call the Cats by a touchdown, 35-28. Chris Williams has his break-out game.

Loffler isn't such a big hitter when you hurdle him like STE did last time.

It's going to be a close one I feel . Right down to the wire . Haj nails a last second field goal to win it for the Cats 30 - 28 .

Maybe I'll be the only guy that takes Winnipeg then if we lose I'll be the winner.

LoL. Okay fine , pick the BB's . See if we care :)BUT be brave about it and give us your final score ?

Here I'll even help ya out..................(drum roll , please )....... 8)......

And the Final score will be .................Winnipeg (fill in the blank)Hamilton (fill in the blank) 8) ;D

27-19 Winnipeg

(Unlike many around here is gladly be wrong if we win the game)

Post of the month.

Ha Ha! Nice approach! I'm such a homer that I have picked the Cats to win each week and will probably do so for the season.

I will say that if the Stamps keep playing like they are, the Sept. 15th game will make it difficult to pick the Cats. The Stamps back to back with the Eskies will be the true test. If they lose there, Cats for the Win!!!

Hate playing teams off a bye...such a competitive disadvantage and for this i say Bummers 31-21

WPG is a decent but not great team.

Their win total is suspicious: MTL, 1 win vs Jennings, two vs train wreck Argos with Franklin.

HAM is dead last vs the run -unacceptable.

HAMs win over MTL still masks the fact a good defence shuts their offence down.

So if WPGs defense has improved like their fans believe it has it could be another infuriating night.

If HAM can establish Green its even money.

If they cant and cant contain Harris in return ?

Say goodnight.

Although I was concerned the Cats wouldn't be mentally focused on handling Johnny and his new team, and they hammered them, I have seen nothing, recently, that makes me think they can handle the Bombers. If they do, I think the credit will have to go to the coaching staff and a great game plan.
WPG, at home, coming off a bye week vs. HAM, away, going into a bye week. That doesn't suggest a visitor victory to me.

Home game off bye week didn't help HAM. Listless and unmotivated.

Maybe WPG thinks they're world beaters now like we did and are ready to be burned just like we were

Hamilton beat them handily only 5 weeks ago. Streveler was a competent replacement for Nichols.

Since then Winnipeg went 1 an 1 with the Lions and then won twice against the lowly Argos. That's not exactly a true test of might.

I think it's Bomber fans that should be worried.

The Bombers don't scare me.

June Jones is a better coach than O'Shea, and Masoli is a better QB than Nichols.

Hamilton by at least 10.

If Masoli plays a clean game, I think we have a chance. I'm hoping C.Wiliams takes one to the house.

24/21 Cats

I agree with your "not exactly a true test of might" statement but, while WPG as you point out has gone 3-1, the TiCats have gone 1-3, beating only the worst team in the country.

What about the O-Line playing a clean game? Not allowing any sacks, giving Masoli 3 or 4 steamboats to make a play, no stupid procedure or holding penalties, and opening up big gaping holes for our RBs. Would that help our chances also?

reducingall the sacks and turnovers will give the ticats a good chance.