Cats v. Arghblows Round 1 - Score Prediction Thread

The Battle of Defences!! Cats O has the advantage over the Blew team offence. Defences are both strong.

Bear Woods with 10 tackles - all 7 - 11 yards downfield.

Cats 37 - Blew 22

And your position?

Tats 45 Smurfs 28

Tight low scoring game going again to the Cats in the dying seconds. Lots of 3rd and 1 shotgun with many failing

24-21 Cats

Seems like prediction threads are always the kiss of death but they’re too hard to resist. Cats 39 Powder Blues 24.

If stats are your thing…

Argos weaknesses play to HAMs strengths.
HAM is horrible against the run but Argos have yet to show much on the ground. Wilders individual numbers are middle of the pack.

Argos defense is near the bottom of most categories and HAMs only seems to work as designed is against soft opponents.

But the blueprint to beat HAM is out there for anyone to see and Trestman is no dummy.

  1. Yep, Trestman will be playing close attention to the game film where Chris Jones shut us down
    for 2 straight games !!

Well, with Wilder in their backfield, it's almost a given that he will bust loose for a long run against our D at some point. (Second half, if pattern holds)

Problem is, he is more of a Thigpen than a Gable, i.e. we won't catch him from behind after 50 or60 yards.

My sentments exactly, and as i said in anorher thread, the Riders had just lost to Alouettes, just as the Argos just lost to the Als. We had just crushed Winnipeg, this time Esk.
Will history repeat itself and we get swept?

No, I predict a split. We lose a close on 27 -25 on labour day.

36-24 Cats.

Agree and agree with Dork that the blueprint is out there, but you need the talent to execute it. I don't think Toronto has that talent.
Cats by 8.

31-6 Cats.

We are one of the most difficult teams to predict.

However, the real battle is Trestman Vs. June Jones.

Trestman is the better coach, so if the X’s and O’s execute…35-17 Argos.

Maas didn't study the film very well and Mike Sherman didn't even know it existed. 8)

A whole bunch to very little…'Cats :slight_smile:

Since the CFL are predicting an Argo victory with a slight percentage of faith, once again as always I say the Tiger-Cats by a score of 31 to 20.

Toronto’s defence is apparently hungry coming off the loss to Montreal last week but I’m sure our Cats will be pumped up for the Labour Day Classic as well, the fight between the two GTA teams a short drive down the QEW.

Fans bring the noise and drown out the Arblows!!


The blood boils on bloody Labour Day…

Blews lose …

A game ending before 11:15 pm this year is all I’m hoping for (and Cats win by 10)

Well I hope they flag Woods this week as he should have been last week with late hits. I see the score as Cats--36...Argos--28

I won't predict a score - because anytime I predict a Cats win they lose. But on the length of game front - the long range forecast for Monday - 60% chance of rain with risk of a thunderstorm. Hopefully if there is one it doesn't happen during the game again like last year.