Cats uncover punt returners

Cats Uncover Punt Returners

Ken Peters

Apr. 2 2008 The Hamilton Spectator

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Also, Obie is looking seriously at starting five Americans
in the defensive secondary this season.

Canadian d-lineman Keith Shologan (Central Florida),
showed up at the free agent camp in Florida

He skipped the CFL evaluation camp,

but he is widely regarded as the best
defensive lineman in the draft

and could be an intriguing pick to provide
ratio room for the all-American secondary.

"He is a legitimate guy for this league,"
O'Billovich said of Shologan.

O'Billovich also likes Samuel Giguere from Sherbrooke.

"He was the best prospect among the receivers
at the (evaluation) camp," O'Billovich said.

And the possibility remains that the Ticats
will trade the top pick given the club
has the ninth and 17 selections as well.


At six-foot-two, 290 pounds, Shologan is
undersized for an NFL interior lineman,

but he is from the Edmonton area
and he has ties to Danny Maciocia.

If Edmonton doesn't target him
with their 2nd pick overall,

I wonder if we should grab him ninth?

I suppose that's what Obie does best - recruit good talent. I hope these newbies stick around and remain healthy.

One thing, though. "While Cat special team coverage last season was outstanding, the punt return was just so-so." Hmm, hard to return a punt when the TiCat coverage team repeatedly encroached the five-yard buffer zone. :roll: I also thought Nate showed a lot of promise as a returner.

If the Cats posture to take Shologan with the first pick, I wonder if we can get one of their excess DBs in a swap?
Edmonton is really brilliant at the draft as they proved last year picking a kicker to be a back-up all year with their 1st pick.

Edmonton can have the first pick if
-they give us their first round pick (#2)
-they also trade us a starter and their second round pick

They screwed us in the Maas trade. Time to return the favor at the 08 draft table.

That’s way too much for anyone to give up to move up one spot in the draft. They might trade for the first overall pick (extremely doubtful), but more likely they’ll just hope their guy falls into their laps. Why trade a bundle when you might get the guy you want for free?

One trade that may be feasable to do with swapping draft picks: trade the 1st overall for the Als 4th overall and have Montreal throw in Dave Stala - big target, good hands receiver who has a thousand yard CFL season on his resume - he seems to have fallen out of favor with Popp in Montreal and might be very good as a possession slotback for the Ticats. IF Barker, Giguere or whoever are looked as great can't miss prospects, and you need 1st overall to ensure getting them, then don't make the trade, but 4th overall is still going to get you a good player, it seems, from this draft crop.

There are 3 ratio changers in the draft that have starting potential fairly quickly.

Shologan DT
Barker safety
Giguere (slot)

Then there are a some primo olinesmen


So by the fourth pick there is a good chance you won't get one of the 3 ratio changer prospect but you get a primo Olinesmen.

From what I can read from Obilovich is that he dosen't want to give up to the other teams who they picked as their draft choice. Telling me he is open to trading the pick.

-We already have Griebel to start at safety
-We already have Bauman to start at slot
-We will probably go with imports on the interior of the D line, seeing how our Canucks (Reid, Bekesiak and Wayne) weren't at all effective in putting pressure on the QB from the inside last year

Like you suggest, that may add up to us trading the pick for a starter in an area of need, and for the other team's first round pick (which we may then very well use to take one of the better O-Line prospects in the draft...after all, can you ever have enough of those? Especially with Lumsden and the running game being a very big, featured part of the Ticat offence).

What do you mean by ratio changers?

Safety, DT, and Slot have traditionally been positions played by Non-Imports.
My opinion of a ratio changer is of course Jessie who starts in a traditionally Import position of RB.

Unless this years draft is a lot better than last years there will be no players to take the league by storm.
1st overall was beat out for playing time by a journeyman player in French.

Unless this years draft is a lot better than last years there will be no players to take the league by storm. 1st overall was beat out for playing time by a journeyman player in French.
You cant predict a players career off their rookie season. Bauman's numbers aren't that different from Fantuz in their rookie years. And one didn't have Maas throwing to him and had a much better supporting WR cast beside him.

What experience does Griebel have as a safety in Canadian football? - would the answer be zero?

Can you name any of these import DTs who are going to be these great pass rushers and who should be handed starting jobs over Wayne or Bekasiak? What other CFL teams now have these great pass rushing import DTs?

There's only room for so many O-linemen on the roster - the Ticats already have a number of young O-linemen they have drafted recently, plus some veterans - if they draft more, better hope they're sure-fire starters, not just guys who hang around the PR for a few seasons. The team has needs at other positions - DT, receiver, maybe safety or D-backfield in general.

Hope there's real actual competition in TC. IMO, top draft picks should bring a player who can compete for playing time, and right away; if you trade a 1st rounder, you should be getting a player who can compete for a starting job in return.

Obie's on the record as saying the only reason Griebel didn't stick with the Lions as a safety last year is that they already have phenomenal depth there. Also, according to Obie (in the same TicatsTV clip) Griebel has great cover skills. Trust me: if we don't pick Barker in the draft, Griebel will be our starting safety. Do you think Beveridge or Gauthier (who couldn't even start at safety on last year's brutal team) will start? Please.

To address your second point, Obie has discovered quality import DL's like Aaron Hunt and Cam Wake, and it is his job to do the same for us.

I realize we can only have so many O-Linemen, but if we could draft a Canadian guy who could replace Woodard, Cavka or Thomas on the outside, that would help us with the ratio, flexibility-wise. We currently don't have a Canadian guy who can play those positions. So if we could get one, it would be a smart move, no?

Gauthier has had pretty well no chance to show what he can do as a starting safety in the CFL - i think him or Glavic or Nedd might be pretty decent safety prospects; and Beveridge has played some and done quite well IMO - the guy can hit/tackle and has made some INTs in his limited playing time. If you want to assume Griebel, who hasn't played a down in Canadian football, is better based on his birth certificate, good for you. Obie might too, but hopefully who plays there is determined by real honest competition in TC and not by pencilling in pre-determined favorites.

Wake is a DE, not a DT - be nice if Obie could find another great rookie who can play at an all-star level like him, but there aren't tons of those guys out there; Hunt is a DT and pretty good but nothing spectacular IMO - he's got lots of playing time to show what he can do and on a BC D-line that had Williams, Johnson & Wake around him; think I'll reserve judgement on how good Bekasiak might be at DT till he gets a similar amount of playing time; or, i guess it could be assumed he's not a CFL DT and should be switched to the O-line. Wayne is a capable experienced vet DT IMO. Hopefully Obie recruits or drafts some good new DTs - competition in TC is good.

Dyakowski was a starting OT at LSU; and Rempel was a 1st team CIS all-star at OT; they might do well there if given a real shot; but again - competition - maybe some good new guys can be signed or drafted, and yep, it's a smart move to draft or sign players who can play at positions where the team could use upgrades.

I don't know why people rag on Gauthier. Just because he didn't start on last year's team? Please. Bradley also sat most of the season on the bench and he is probably our best corner.

Last year's personnel decisions were brutal. We shouldn't base our assessments of bench players on them.