Cats trying to land Foley

This is from the scratching post. This would be huge if he came here.

While the CFL free agent frenzy normally takes place in February, Ticat general manager Bob O'Billovich is busy trying to lock up an elite-level player this fall.
The reigning CFL Canadian player-of-the-year, defensive end Ricky Foley, was recently released by the N.Y. Jets and is currently looking for a football home.
“I would think that all things being equal – and if a team goes crazy with the money that could change things – we would be interested in Foley,? O'Billovich said today. “He's a Canadian that can start for you and the way we're using our defensive lineman, we could work him in there.?
O'Billovich has already spoken to Foley's U.S.-based agent, Paul Sheehy, and there are indications that Foley, who grew up just east of Toronto, wants to play closer to home after spending the first three years of his CFL career in B.C.
“Unless there's a huge disparity in the finances, I would expect that he would end up in Toronto or Hamilton,? O'Billovich said.

This is big news!
People are saying he wants to be in Ontario and I really think given our record and promise he will pick the cats over the argos.

Lefko says Toronto has very little cap space to afford Foley.

$190,000.000 on that pantload Murphy.............................

3 too many 0's my friend. :slight_smile:

Even Murphy's life isn't worth 190 million :wink: :slight_smile:

I hope we land him. We need another defensive end...

looks like 190 thousand to me ...

[quote="Makaveli"]This is big news!
People are saying he wants to be in Ontario and I really think given our record and promise he will pick the cats over the argos.[/
With so many of his former BC associates from '06-'09, including Obie, now with the Cats you'd think that comfort zone would outweigh the extra clicks on the odometer if the dollars are the same and his choice comes down to the Smoke and the Hammer.

I think it would great getting him as well, but you do know we are tied for first in Qb sacks.

He's from east of Toronto. Ticats = his best chance of playing to the hometown crowd in Oshawa.

That sounds suspiciously like a stadium comment. FOUL! Not allowed in one of the few non-stadium threads. Might just have to report you. :wink:

What is the latest news on the Cats trying to land Foley?

Foley has re-signed with the Lions

Also, Saturday's game is the 1000th in Lions history. Would be nice to spoil that for them.

Just heard this on TSN, I'm surprised he went back to BC just because all the talk was that he wanted to be closer to home.

Nah, shouldn't be surprised at all. After all, Foley contacted Buono when he was cut the first time. BC is really loading up for the 2nd half of the season.

An Argo-Cat fan

Sign Lumsden to a practice roster position. Competition is what we need.

Mark Masters of the Nat Post is saying the blue team signed Foley. Edmonton has the inside edge on Baggs as he has the same agent as Tillman. Obie better sign somebody.

well that sucks...

Sorry fellas, he's an ARGO now. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. BIG. BOOM!