Cat's trade with Eskie's...who wins?

When the Cats made the trade with the Eskies last year it was basically for the foundation of the future. Meaning Edmonton might win in the short term but in the long term the Cats would prevail. It looks like in the first year, Hamilton is clearly the winner of this trade.
Tay Cody and Brock Ralph are tremendous talents. To me, they have been the most surprising additions to the team this year. We all knew what Jason Maas was bringing to the table but I doubt many people realized just how good Cody and Ralph turned out to be.
I don't know who was responsible for aquiring the players involved, but it sure was a shrewd move. :cowboy:

ya cody is amazing but if you are happy with what ralph has done you dont have varry high expectations.

Ralph should be starting… no question. The guy has done everything asked of him and is oozing with talent. If you can’t see that Maki maybe you’re watching the wrong number. He’s number 80. :o

The consistent effort isn't always there with Brock (seemingly) but the talent sure is.

he has definitely lived up to my expectations, and even exceded some.

I keep crabbing about him too...

Every time I do, he catches another and embarasses me...

Maybe I should rant on him every game!

Orswitch him outside and Flick inside, as was suggested earlier..

I've said this before.

Tire out the defenses with our two fastest players playing WR. deep routes with Quinnie and Ralph throw in Peterson every now and again as well.

They'll screw up coverage at least twice a game.

Maas is still a work in progress which was not what we expected. I think he will turn out OK though. Brock definately needs to see more action. His talents have been wasted so far this season.

Espo, I think you really hit the nail with mentioning deep routes. Why offenses don't go deep more often baffles me, not that you're going to complete all of them, but it does help stretch defenses. If you can catch them in man coverage and get some one-on-one matchups here and there, bombs away would be in order a bit more often I think.

It would be hard to argue at this point that we "won". Generally both teams would hope to be better off after a trade. But if there can only be one winner, we can't match Edmonton's result: a Grey Cup. Troy Davis and Dan Comiskey both played an important role in the playoff run.

The only way we could even compete with Edmonton's result is to win a Cup of our own, which looks like a long shot for this season to say the least. And when/if we do win one, we'd have to see how many of the players obtained in the trade are still with our team.

Just being a contender for several years with no Grey Cup - while preferable to some of our recent seasons - would still not be especially satisfying. Ask Saskatchewan, or BC, or Winnipeg.

(Note: For simplicity I am assuming we had a two-part trade, rather than two independent, unrelated trades.)

Make it three-part, the Montford Comiskey trade ended up having something to do with it.

Ralph has the talent ..for sure, but desire to me seems to be the problem. I think he reads his press clippings too much and remembers when he was in the NY Jets camp and things may come a little to easy for him. Perhaps Ronnie could should have a little talk with him that his contract isnt gauranteed till after Labour Day

Why do people keep bringing that up? How could getting cut by the Jets result in someone being overconfident or lacking in desire?

Look, none of our receivers have had a stellar year so far. The offence has struggled much of the year.......two and outs most of the time. So you got to figure that a player that's only coming in periodically, is going to have a hard time to impress. When Ralph has been in, and gets the call, he usually delivers. You can see the speed and talent he has. Hopefully he'll be here for a long time and become impact player we see him being. :cowboy:

That being said, I would submit that Tay Cody is the only player we received in the trades that has "exceeded expectations".

I'd just like to see Ralph stay onside once-in-a-while...

I guess what I was trying to say ex-pat, in a roundabout way was simply that, if Brock Ralph had been starting and seen the ball a lot, he'd be showing his talents.

ya, its not like the Jets are/ were even that good.... i dont get it...

What I see from Brock is not enough.The Cats made a full court press to sign him and thought highly of him.His play has been average…nothing great, but he can do more for sure.The attention and contract he got in the off season was greater than his performance on the field so far this season.