Cats Trade Rodriguez To Riders

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im not sure how i feel about this...

the team also released Tyler Ebell

Didnt see that one coming.

Good move. Preche wasn't doing well as the number 2 guy. We added reciever depth that likely bumped him to #3. We get a non-import for a replaceable import plus we get someone on the negotiation list(I'm guessing this is the key to the deal). Saw this coming since midseason last year

15_championships saw it coming ... about a week ago!

They also released Ebell... maybe they will keep Kentonese Keith...

I have to say that I did see it coming. Prechae's production dwindled last season and, by now, we now that Obie is ruthless with underperforming players.

I wish PR all the best but let's hope the green scum got hosed by Obie. :wink:

Solid trade by Obie_one, build Canadian depth with expendable import find :thup:

Good trade I think PROD was a one hit wonder now everyone has figured out his game and he doesn't have much else to go on

The Ticats are said to having Signed A WR Same as him Out of Florida
Also they did make a Trade for Mann
So he was expendable

I knew it was coming

I forsaw the Goodspeed trade last year too :smiley:
raises arms in victory or do I? ....

Me too. It’s achieve or leave…it’s business.

I liked Prechae, but at the same time I like this trade more!

We are getting non-import depth, a 3rd round pick in next year's draft, and a negotiation list player.. for a player who underachieved last season and was coming into this season as 3rd on the depth chart.. I say we win this trade without question.

Not to mention Obie is bringing in another 6'5" receiver into camp..

I wounder who Neg list player is ...

Amarri Jackson and Corey Surrency are the only receiver's i've heard about coming in so far, unannounced so far but yeah.Jackson look's good, Surrency looks good.Jackson has the size.In the reaction video, Obie says the Neg. list guy is an "explosive" KR.We shall see.The KR probably became expendable to SSK due to the signing of Dorsey and the return of the dangerous Armstead.There'll be alot of fans that'll despise Obie for this because Rodriguez was a fan favourite, I admit I was mad at first but when you break the trade down, I like it alot.

The first thing I thought when I saw the news about Mann was that P-Rod wouldn't be around for long. It's good that Obie got something for him. More Canadian depth is good.


my next prediction: Bauman traded, Grant released :lol:

Grant yes, Bauman hard to say

I like this trade...we are looking strong now at WR.

Never been a fan of Bauman, but it seems that every time he's on really thin ice he performs well enough to show a lil promise and not get himself dropped.

P-Rod gone hurts. I went to the Cats store to get a jersey. No Otis Floyd, so I get the next best thing, P-Rod, and I wear it proudly. Now, WTF!! They better have some Floyd jerseys in stock now that he is re-signed.