Cats trade for Geroy Simon and Jason Clermont

Last night, negotiations were finalized that sees Marc Beswick and a 2011 4th round draft pick traded for Geroy Simon and Jason Clermont from BC.

We are stacked at reciever now.


8) You're not too up to date on CFL rosters, even if it is an April Fools .
  Jason Claremont doesn't even play for BC  !!!    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 
  He is a Saskatchewan Roughrider !!


I second that.

Wasnt Claremont included in a 5 team trade as future consideration? my guess is he will be traded back to Sask for a first round pick in 2042. :cowboy:

Witness the ever hastening demise of the English language.

I think the OP now holds the record for the most locked topics in one day... hey at least they just lock his... they delete mine!!!