Cats trade Charbonneau to Stamps

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The Cats have traded Charbonneau-Campeau to the Stamps for fellow Cdn reciever Spencer Armstrong in basically a swap
of 2nd stringers and depth players,Armstrong suited up for 1 game last yr as a Stamp,spending most of the season on P.R.

I certainly hope the Cats are going after a good quality up and coming canadian receiver. This will not be the only canadian receiver in camp this year looking for a job.

TE type of player? fill part of delahunts role? just guessing by his college numbers

Espo, At 185 lbs..........not much of a chance he will be a TE or FB. Austin must have previous knowledge of this kids
talent level.

I agree. Interesting in that he's 2 years older and 3 inches shorter than SCC and they were both 4th rounders in CFl Drafts, but mostly that, prior to joining the "western redblacks" mid season '13, he hadn't played since '09.

Campeau probably asked for his release.

?! I don't get this move.......

Some more info on the Air Force grad ...

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Playing in Air Force's slot flex triple option gives Armstrong a well varied experience and skill set that could/can make him quite useful in Austin/Condell's offense.

SCC's time here was done. I was a fan & hoped to see him breakout but alas it never happened.

Good trade IMHO. Good for both teams and both players if it works out. Upside potential with Armstrong is higher in my opinion. Seems like a bona fide blue chip prospect. Gotta be smart, tough & disciplined to graduate from the Academy. Sounds very much like an Austin kind of guy.

SCC was S-O-F-T.
When Fantuz went down he had a glorious opportunity to cement a role for himself and spit the bit. Huge dissapoitment for a guy who was supposed to replace Stala.

Probably means they left Campeau unprotected hoping Ottawa would bite :cowboy:

Yeah, that's what I was thinking. Frankly, him and Giguere would have been my picks to head to Ottawa.

Me too. I would not be surprised to see Giguere sign in Calgary or Edmonton next year. He could be much closer to the Bobsled team that way.

Why ? Austin loves Giguere. Injected back into the lineup the nano second he got medical clearence.

Because there is no way he pulled in even remotely close to the same numbers as Fantuz, Ellingson, Grant. Also Jones (who does special teams), impressive young talent with Luke Tasker, still useful Dave Stala around, it wasn't a posistion would would have been strapped if we lost some depth, espcially with how much non-import depth we had on the O.Line.

I figured that the reciever posistion was the place we were a bit top heavy with talent. Also with thee O.Lineman and three Linebackers in the top 10 CIS rankings (which don't address our needs but address other team's needs) and drafting 8th this draft, a reciever pick in Kris Bastien or Kit Hillis wouldn't be out of the question (although I'd draft a D.Lineman or D.Back myself) since it seemed clear it wasn't working out with SCC anyways.

Obviuosly Austin was not impressed with CC. I suspect that he can still be a good receiver but so can Armstrong.
Austin was around the NCAA when Armstrong was at Air Force.
CC is a pire receiver and probably not much of a special teams player.
I would imagine that if spencer was on the roster as the 3rd Canadian Receiver he is probably going to be a good special teams player as well.
If I remeber Giguere played a lot of special teams at least when Cortez was there both retuning kick offs but also on coverage teams. Moore could probably releive the starting receiver, Giguere, of any coverage teams duties keeping him healthy and using all his skills as a receiver and if needed a returner.
Also for Calagary could lead to them not wanting to re sign Forzanni or Anthony Parker who Austin could have his eye on one or both.

To dig a little deeper Masoli was a the starting QB at Oregon the year Forzani played at Washington ST so their could be some kind of Pac 12 thing that Masoli may know about how good forzanni could be in Hamilton's offense.

Anyway things are starting to get intersting. Oh McPherson in Calagary Huffs likes his QB depth chart solid and diverse

The Cats should have asked for Sinopoli instead. He's a great athlete who will only get better each year at the receiver spot. He's from Peterborough too so he would have probably enjoyed playing close to home.

Brad Sinopoli for Simon Charbonneau-Campeau... you must be joking!

I dont think that Calgary wouldhave gone for that. Austin still molding his team had CC all season as the potential successor to future 3rd Canadian receiver on the roster to go with Giguere and Fantuz.
The kid they got from Air Force could be a guy the Austin knows about from his coaching in the NCAA. My guess is that he can also play special teams which CC I do not think was much of a special teamer.
Forzani, although recovering from and injury. is a free agent and the Stamps are looking crowded at Canadian receiver

Joking about what? Chardonnay-Campeau had a stellar CIS career and so did Sinopoli as a QB. In the right offence CC may actually even flourish over Sinopoli who is a receiver convert. Sinopoli made a nice one handed highlight reel grab but he also dropped a few key passes also. Both players have a long way to go before they are of Fantuz quality and the trade wouldn't be as lopsided as you are trying to suggest.

Forzani may be untouchable since his family are/were part owners of the Stamps. His father and uncles all played for the Stamps and their name has been synonymous with the team for decades.