Cats trade Bartel & Williams to the Riders

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As reported in the Ti-Cat forum,punter Josh Bartel and Shomari Williams to the Riders for their 11th pick in the draft,plus a switching up of draft selection in the 1rst round.....Saskatchewan gets draft pick #8 and Hamilton gets draft pick #9.

My guess is Williams gets cut in camp. He really underachieved the first time as a Rider and sat on the bench in Hamilton last year

I think that’s because the Riders flip-flopped him between DE and LB. Shomari is a DE by nature. Played it all through college and I think he’d excel there. However, if the Riders decide to cut him, I know the REDBLACKS could use him.

He did play a season at DE as well and didn't cut it there. Too small to play end too soft and slow to play linebacker

He's going to get a new contract offer... No way they will pay him that kind of money. He just hasn't earned it.

Williams is what they call a classic tweener,you hit the nail directly on the head with that statement.I personally don't see him making final cuts this year as a Rider and he could very well end up in Ottawa when it's all said and done.

So I guess it's save to say that Schmitt won't be back in green and white this year,or has he already signed on in the NFL???

First round draft choices often were unsound due to two factors- the choice moves to the NFL or, as is the case with Williams and Chris Bauman in 2005, their actual play proved their selection at number one was an error in judgement,

Senseless deal for the Riders.

No-Show-Mari Williams is a proven failure at both DE and LB. If you saw the tweet from his ex-teammate Belton Johnson you’ll understand why. Basically said Williams was softer than bread soaked in milk.

Williams is not going to suddenly turn into a football player at this point in his career. His ceiling is as a ST contributor. Riders could have got way more potential from one if the picks they gave up for him.

The apologists will point to the idea that Williams con contribute on ST. Really? Levi Steinhauer is every bit as good - - if not better - - than No Show Mari is on ST and Steinhauer was a 5th round pick making half the salary.

Kickers are a fine a dozen. Bartel’s biggest claim to fame is his nationality gave Rod Black something to constantly remind everyone about. You never trade a high draft pick for a kicker.

I don't expect the Riders to hang on to him. I think they will flip him as quick as they can.

It seems like a win win trade to me.

The biggest part of the deal was picking up Bartel, who is a non import. I don't think Bartel is at the same level that Schmitt was, but he's not a significant drop off and he's also not burning a import spot on the active roster.

Hamilton picks up an extra pick in the draft and gets rid of 2 expendable players, good moves on their part.

Steep price to pay for the Riders for a couple of guys who were likely going to be FAs soon, and the swap of draft positions is fairly inconsequential. Bartel helps them replace Schmidt, but he’s had 1 foot out the door as soon as Medlock was given a deal. Williams brings back a NI that’s familiar with the system and helps replace some of that lost NI players (Butler, Shologan, Newman, Evans). I’m not sure though they couldn’t have found someone with better upside at the #11 spot than Williams has shown in 3-4 seasons now.

He never made an impact at end, and showed no signs of doing so. One would think he would be a natural to switch to LB especially given how good he is on kick coverage, but was quite disappointing at MLB. Was better outside, but LB is the easiest position to fill on defense so his value is not high at all. He’s an NI STer who can back up at LB and a distant backup at end.

From what I understand he’s a bright guy, and a team player with a good professional attitude so I wish him well, but basically Austin threw him in to improve the draft pick(s) he got back.