Cats to sign Sask. OT

Spec reports that Ticats will sign 5 year CFL vet Charles Thomas today. 6'5" - 315 lbs.

The is one Big Boy :lol:
do you have a Link?

here you go...

Been Trying to find Info
I'll Seen is He been the Starting LT for Roughies for past 4 years

Why are Ticats Moving this Kid to Right Tackle
Marko Cavka is a Starter.

It is left Tackle We had more Problems with.
Jon'ta Woodard had off year he should Competing there for a job.

Article says that he will be competing with Marko Cavka for the RT position.

ya that makes no Since to me
Jon'ta Woodard has bad year
They Should keep this kid at LT to Challenge Woodard.

we also signed a receiver who spent some time with Indianapolis and had decent numbers in college. We have competition at every position now, except d-line. waiting for Obie to bring in that monster DT.

Yes Finally a Tall WR 6'2 ..
About Time ....

about the WR... appears he hasn't played since 2006.

Just a Heads up on Charles Thomas. He isn't very good.
He did not play anywhere in the CFL last year as far as I know. He likes to hold becuase he isn't quick enough to actually block.
I would say that he is the worst Tackle that the Riders have had in the last 10 years. My opinion.

Very interesting, Mr. Soup.

Roy Shivers and his man, Danny Barret's opinions
were apparently quite different than your's

They must have thought very highly of him.

If Charlie can be called a salary cap casualty
he was apparently paid very well for 4 years.

Perhaps his opinion of his own worth
interfered with him getting picked up
just prior to training camp last season.

He has a chance to prove himself again
with the Tiger Cats. No guarantees.

That was one of the knocks on Barret and Shivers, that they almost refused to get rid of guys. Thomas was one of the first cuts Tillman made. Don't get me wrong I wish the Ticats the best, I just don't think Thomas is good.

Must be an upgrade over Jerome Davis

Cavak is an upgrade we had already

He is right, Thomas is a plug who is pathetic. Ive seen glaciers move faster than him, bad signing.

Thomas wasn't all that bad! Left Tackle is a tough position (maybe toughest) to play. True Thomas had bad games. But so did Jermese Jones. Over the length of the CT's seasons in Saskatchewan, people were almost always happy with the O-line which Thomas was always a part of. Albeit a smaller part.

He was released I believe because of a $30k signing bonus in his "Shivered" contract. I don't know to what degree his play was a factor in his release.

There is a reason so many referred to him as Turnstile Thomas...I preferred to refer to him as "Holding, Saskatchewan #53"...he sucked in Saskatchewan, plain and simple, and I rejoiced when we got rid of him just about as much as I did the day Nealon Greene was traded...

Sonds like a Rider fan is a little jealous because we signed a vet O-Lineman, and his team is about to field a team with a new starting QB who can't scramble, and a below average O-line.

trust, me, rider fans were saying this while he was still on the team. dont beleive me? check the archives.

Was he involved when Sask. lost half their O-Line do to disqualification at Ivor Wynne?