Cats To Interview O'Shea Today

8) Arash Madani is reporting that Obie met with Corey Chamblin yesterday regarding the HC job here, and that today,
   Obie will interview Mike O'Shea for the position.

   At this point only Obie is meeting with the potential candidates, but if any person gets a second interview, then it is 
    believed that Scott Mitchell, and possibly Bob Young would become involved in the interview.

     Apparently George Cortez is also in play for the job in either Hamilton or BC.

      BC has given the Riders permission to talk to Mike Benevides about their HC job, but apparently Wally would not
       grant Hamilton the same privilege with regards to Benevides !!


no no no, no O'shea

Hissssss!!! :lol:

8) I wonder what the reaction would be from TiCat fans, if O'Shea actually got the job !!! :roll:
  Not that I think he will, but he could become a sought after commidity as a DC, depending on who eventually gets the 
  HC job here !!!

   My choices would be either Tim Burke or George Cortez.

There is zero chance that O'Shea will be hired to coach the Ticats. He turned his back on Hamilton for Toronto, and also vocally disrespected the Ticat organization in the media more than once after he left, if I remember correctly. Why Obie is even giving O'Shea an interview is beyond me.

And remember: O'Shea not only doesn't have any HC experience, he has only been a SPECIAL TEAMS COORDINATOR (the easiest co-ordinator job, IMO) for what...2, 3 years?

O’Shea as HC, man I don’t know but what if he could get the Ticats to win. :?

Does anybody know if he still has a job in Toronto? Usually a new head coach brings in his own coaches. They already replaced the OC and DC.

Yes, he would be the Special teams and linebackers coach if he stays in Toronto.

BC has given the Riders permission to talk to Mike Benevides about their HC job, but apparently Wally would not grant Hamilton the same privilege with regards to Benevides !!
that's odd. Buono always seemed to be the non-discriminating type of guy..

This is a dirty business.
We give B.C. Arland Bruce for NOTHING, and B.C. gives us NOTHING .
Sounds like a fair trade to me - NOT !!!
I hope we kick their as_ next year....

:cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

B.C. gave us two wins! :wink:

Folks - we will once again be the bridesmaid.
Looks like B.C. will announce Benevidies as their next H.C.

"TSN has learned that defensive co-ordinator Mike Benevides is expected to be named the next head coach of the Lions. "
Is anybody out there still left???

8) 8) 8)

I am hoping for Tim Burke.

I don't usually react to rumours.....but I will to this one. I respect O'Shea as a player who was overrated and stayed on longer than his body did. He burned bridges by choice. He hasn't even laid enough ground work to prove himself as a Special Teams coach beyond the occassional trick play. etc. As an employee of our team.... I say NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

The same reaction we had to Arland Bruce, the fans were coming out of the woodwork to say nasty things about him when it was rumored he was coming to Hamilton, but soon changed their minds when he was here. Also don't forget when it was announced that O'Bilivich another exArgo coach was coming to Hamilton.
Get over it

I prefer either D.Dickenson or G.Cortez . Coaches with Offensive experience.(especially QB knowledge)
Defensive coaches are a risk(i.e.Marshal , Stubler etc )


Wrong. Neither of those players/coach stuck it to Hamilton like O'Sh!# did. He sh!# on us more than once. Of course he's gonna want a job and say all the nice things now. We might even hear all the nice things about this and that from, but I hope not Obie. Bridges have been burned. There are plenty of other candidates with better track records than his time as the Ar@$ special teams coach. Pleaseeeeeeeeee!

Hmm....exactly how did he s*#t on us? He chose to sign with the Argos rather than come back & be the best player on a crappy team with no chance of winning a GC. Do you feel the same about Montford signing with the Argos for more money? If not, why not?

I'd hire the devil as HC if he brings a GC to Hamilton. As for O'Shea, if he can turn our team into champions, you're damn right I'd want him as HC. It's time Hamilton fans stopped acting like babies over something that happened years ago.

I'll see your Marshall and Stubler and raise you a Buono. . .

Point is that success as either a D/C or an O/C is no guarantee that you'll suceed or fail as a head coach. The skill sets required are just too different.

Not all offensive coordinators have become good head coaches either (Doug Berry, Marcel).