Cats The Underdog?

Well even though we are ahead in the standings in the East Division and we are playing the so called Power House of the East in the Argo's according to the media at TSN and others we are considered the underdog with Chris Schultz at TSN and the Toronto Star saying that the Tiger-Cats will lose to the Argo's on Saturday.

I like the undergo position, even in first Hamilton is still not given any respect we have to earn it and we have in the past like we did last November when the game was on the line.

Lets show the Argo's and the Toronto media Tiger-Cats that this team is for real and lay a beating on the Argo's who's ship is sinking faster than a boulder in water.

Let's pack the Roger's Centre in Toronto with lots of Tiger-Cat fans who are Loud & Proud and win this game for the team, the fans and especially Corp Cirillo of Hamilton.

Get Hungry Tiger-Cats and lay the Hammer on the Argo's!!!

The current line is Toronto -3.5 pts. Trust me on this,if you are a betting person,take the points and the Cats and bet the house,it's easy money,as close to a sure shot as you are going to get. There is no way in Hell we lose this game,let alone by a 4 pt spread to those Posers from Hogtown. Trust me....It ain't gonna happen :cowboy: OSKI-WEE-WEE OSKI-WA-WA HOLY MACKINAW TI-CATS WILL EAT "EM" RAW and the Awe-No's will STILL SUCK !!!!!! :smiley: Little Rickie and the "Cryin" Hawaiian are all that team has and they are both going down in flames tomorrow in the Big Smoke.......GUARANTEED 100 % DONE DEAL !!!! :cowboy:

Is it surprising the Argos are favoured? The fact that the Ticats are ahead in the standings doesn't mean a lot. The Als shut down Ricky Ray with their strong defense and the Ticats defense couldn't shut down Ricky Ray or Chad Owens last time. The Argos are at home, they are desperate, if the Als win tonight and they lose this game they are all but eliminated.
As an odds maker I would pick the Argos

I have no idea which team is going to win but I think it will be a close and physical game. Game of the week for me.

Everyone is picking Toronto :roll: Lets Do This TIHER-CATS :rockin:

That's not a bad thing, they play better when they are the undergdogs.

Yes please. I love when we are the underdog.

Laurent and Fantuz out is HUGE.
Thank goodness we have Gaydosh to fill in on the line and Stala....I mean Coates for Fantuz