"Cats Strut Their Stuff" Article

Ken Peters refers to OL Carl Gourges as "the affable French-Canadian hole ripper" in today's Spectator article. :lol:

Man, where do they come up with some of these?..... :roll:

i uno but tay codys nickname the hammer, needs to change, it needs a nore flowing name, somthin tht kinda rhymes with his name? can any1 else think of somthing? best i got is… hmm

nothing… what you guys got?

[Warning: Parental Discretion Advised]

When you combine "affable hole ripper" with Peters' alliterative effort from earlier this year - "Marwan's Marvelous Manhandlers" - you really don't get an image of a group of guys who spend a lot of time thinking about women. (To which I now must add the culturally obligatory "not that there's anything wrong with that.")

it was bad enough that he said they sounded like a bunch of male stripper names... the hole ripper part kinda made me feel uncomfortable...

thanks ken...

and i thought boreham had "hammer" as his nickname.... and Cody had "the Tay-zer" or was that just his hits?


I agree, Ken has always provided for bad grammar, incorrect stats, and whitty quips. A few not mentioned today are, Balsam Ave. Bengals, Bakker Boy's, homebrews, maple syrup running through thier veins, and that awful article written about the players tattoos.

oh yeh! the hammer was borehams, i forgot about tay-zer

I wish that Ken Peters would write for the Metro News instead of the Spectator.

Rob "The Hammer" Hitchcock?

Greg "The Hammer" Valentine?

How about Big Play Tay Cody?

Anything but the old "The Hammer" cliche.

The Hammer
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The Hammer may refer to:

The Hammer is a nickname for Charles Martel, a Frankish king in the Eighth Century.
The Hammer is a nickname for Tom DeLay, a United States Representative from Texas.
The Hammer is a nickname for a starting hand of 7-2 in Texas Hold'em.
The Hammer is a nickname for baseball legend, Hank Aaron.
The Hammer is a nickname for baseball player, Josh Willingham.
The Hammer is a nickname for professional wrestler Greg Valentine.
The Hammer is a nickname for personal injury lawyer, Jim Shapiro.
The Hammer is a satire news magazine based in Ottawa, Canada.
The Hammer is a nickname for the city of Hamilton, Ontario.
The hammer is a nickname for the last rock in the sport of curling.
The Hammer is the title of an upcoming film starring Adam Carolla.