Cats starting 12 Canadians for the 2nd consecutive game

Tim Bakker, Adriano Belli, Brock Ralph, Rob Hitchcock, Kojo Aidoo, Jesse Lumsden, Marwan Hage, Wayne Smith, Austin Barrenechea, Ryan Donnelly, Wayne Shaw, Kamau Peterson.

From Hamilton Spectator:

"Shawn Coates, the director of football operations for the league, has never heard of a team starting 12 Canadians in the 16 years he has been involved with the league. It is very unique. It is very rare, adding Winnipeg started nine homebrews in 2001 when the club went to the Grey Cup. That was rare. I've never heard of 12 Canadians starting."

GO CATS GO and beat the Argos!


The Ti-Cats should sent in there Special Teams to block that 50 field goal too! Now if he made that, he should get 2 Million.

I don't know where the Director of football operations for the league was when the season opened with Montreal hosting the Ticats, but all these Canadians were starting:

Ben Cahoon (1), Sylvain Girard (2), Dave Stala (3), Eric Lapointe (4), Mike Vilimek (5), Scott Flory (6), Paul Lambert (7), Brian Chiu (8 ), Luke Fritz (9), Richard Karikari (10), Mike Botterill (11), Ed Philion (12).

Since then, Girard and Botterill have not started, and Lapointe was a starter only 3 other times.

Still, kudos to every team who believes in Canadians. Go Cats ! Kick them Argos !