Cats @ Stamps

Congi..........misses... ugh!!

HUGE return!

Unfortunately not going to get a major out of and Congi misses the FG! Got to stop those runbacks!! :thdn: :thdn:

Nice play by Hazime to prevent the TD, pushing his blocker right through the returner.

Missed block from behind on Beswick to open up the return. Oh well.

A good chance if the Cats get down there again they will punt. That will be Congi’s last attempt outside 45 yards.
At least Calgary didn’t score, the defence needs to hold them to a FG.


Still concerned about Moore's hands on returns. Has he actually fielded one clean yet?

GRANT... great catch!!!!!!!

A bit surprised that they tried a 47 yarder. HUGE FD by Grant! near mid field!!!

Moore might be on the bench rest of the game.
He can't catch

Congi: after missing only 5 FG's last year Congi has missed 7 this year. Maybe we need to call Medlock?

Did he field the kickoff? That was clean.

Not sure that one was on him. I almost wonder if Hage forgot what the play was.

Uggh coffin corner punt by Maver!

They're supposed to contain Cornish and so far they aren't doing a great job. :thdn:

And an EX-Ticat after the game.

WTF kind of call was that?????

Stala was being grabbed.. he did NOTHING there!!

Who will come back to haunt us when signed by another team!

Apparently, the DBs are allowed to grab the receivers’ jerseys, but the receivers are not allowed to pull away from them?

That’s three.

After a great opening drive. offense is sputtering - not a good sign. Didn't understand the call on Fantuz when the defender was tugging on his shirt!

Special teams are not so special tonight, they are shitting the bed so far!