Cats/Stamps battling for Mullinder

According to Arash Madani on Twitter, 2 teams are working to sign the Al's newest releasee, N/I DE Luc Mullinder.

Madani just said that Mullinder has agreed to a 2 year deal with Hamilton.

Awesome, wonder what his role will be?

After looking at his profile on I see he is 288 pounds! Thats bigger than many CFL DT so thats a bit odd they list him as a DE.

His profile: - Official site of the Canadian Football League

So what’s the story? Riders give up on him (according to some reports at the trade), Montreal rents him for a month, and now we want him.

Does he fit our schemes especially well? Were the other teams wrong? I honestly don’t know and am wondering.

Drew confirms the signing:

[url=] ... tice-.html[/url]

"Sources have confirmed what Arash Madani of SportsNet first reported: the Ticats have signed free agent Canadian linebacker Luc Mullinder."

He's definitely not a linebacker, at 288 lbs.

A guess -- Matt Kirk, due to come off the 9-Game IR Sept. 10th, isn't going to be ready, or there's concern about his future. They were both drafted in the 30's overall of the '04 draft, both started playing in '05, there's less than year difference in age, and their stats are similar but the better numbers are in Mullinder's favour.

This article, from a couple of weeks back when he was traded by SSK to MTL quotes Jim Popp on his versatility:

[url=] ... story.html[/url] confirms


it's now being confirmed on sportsnet...

Born in my neck of the global Auckland, New Zealander. Get him to do the All Black Haka :lol:

I also thought it was quite possible that Kirk would not be returning soon. But Arash Madani said that Kirk is expected to be back soon in this article: ... mullinder/

Maurice Forbes is also on the 9-game injured list. And I don't know when Albert Smith will be back.

As for why two teams dumped him, his salary seemed to be the main reason for that. Madani said that in that article.

Speaking of salaries, this article on says his salary here will be about $80k:

That's the kind of money I'd expect a starting DL to be paid, but I suppose they'll have Mullinder and Steele rotating in and out. And we could be quite thankful that this signing happened if Steele gets injured.

He is also listed as a DE on the Riders depth charts, as you can see here:

But as Popp said in that Montreal Gazette article that OC mentioned, he can play inside and out. And also on special teams.

We needed better depth in the front four. Good signing, IMHO. :thup:

More info from Drew:

"According to several sources, the Ticats have signed Canadian defensive lineman Luc Mullinder to a contract.

The six-foot-four, 288 pound Mullinder spent the first eight seasons of his career in Saskatchewan where he recorded 89 defensive tackles and 15 sacks. He was traded to Montreal on Aug. 8 for import receiver Dallas Baker but appeared in just one game before being released on Monday.

Mullinder was making approximately $100,000 a season in Saskatchewan but is making roughly $20,000 less with the Ticats.

The deal is expected to be officially announced on Wednesday."

I have linked to the whole article below which also mentions the Ticats have signed Beswick to a contract extension.

[url=] ... s-cfl.html[/url]


Thanks for that info! It makes sense that he would have been used in the middle also with his size.

Not a problem.

And Beswick's contract extension is also good news. I wasn't impressed with his late hit on Owens last game. But I figure he must be doing some things right if he's third-best in the league in special teams tackles. And as Marcel said in that article, we needed that from him after injuries to Barker, Y. Carter, and the retirement of Mariuz.

Sounds like he's a worm body to do backup assignments.

Do worms make good defensive linemen? :slight_smile:

Haven't seen too many 288 pound worms.

Ooooooops warm :oops:

Now we know. Just another case of "Better is Better." Sean Ortiz released.