Cat's sign two, release 3

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Hamilton, Ontario- The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced today that the team has added import running back Tyler Ebell and import receiver Rodgeriqus Smith to the practice roster. Ebell, a 5-9, 206-pound native of Ventura, California has rushed for 656 yards, caught 69 passes for 526 yards and scored three touchdowns in 14 career games with the B.C. Lions (2009) and Edmonton Eskimos (2007). The UTEP product has also returned 17 kickoffs for 346 yards and eight punts for 74 yards. Smith (first name pronounced rod-REE-guez), a 6-1, 195-pound native of Snellville, Georgia, played four years at Auburn where he caught 114 passes for 1,598 yards and 10 touchdowns. He attended training camp with the NFL's San Diego Chargers earlier this year. The Ticats also announced that import defensive back Tony Davis, import defensive lineman Josh Gaines and import defensive end Marquies Gunn have been released from the practice roster.

Interesting move.
Ebell is coming off a bad injury in 08 but seems to have recovered enough. Another Lion Wally couldnt use comes to Ham.
The guy has speed and power.

Bang on Zontar ::::::: ruptured Achilles tendon = never the same player 95% of the time .

Maybe something we dont no

Recovered enough to make the Lions when Ian Smart went down. If Ebell was physically done Obie would know. Obviously he thinks Ebell still has something to offer.

Ebell has a real swagger to him. Very confident guy but not too cocky. He wouldn't be here if he wasn't capable of contributing.

Keith is out till next year if even back at all, Smith had surgery and Caulley is hurt again after one game. We need Ebell incase Cobb goes down. Good signing.

Caulley's hurt again? Not good.

When is Caulley not hurt?

8) Caulley was injured again in the last Montreal game (his 2nd game of the year to play)
 He didn't play last week in Toronto.  He is back on the IR.

 I doubt you will even see him in a TiCat uniform next season !!

can someone tell me why we keep bringing in players on the practice roster and then quickly get rid of them ?

Our roster is not that good is it ? I have rarely seen a guy com in and stick around and then actually play a game

They're brought in, tested with our roster and closely watched by Obie. If he feels they're not what he wants or if he can release them and get someone better in, he'll do it. I fully trust Obie to find premium talent, after all he did find Cam Wake.

i agree with what you say but it just seems odd that so many guys are coming in and tehn goen in 2 - 5 days ...
mayeb alot don't like the CFL rules or the hammer ?

It could be that or Obie could just be a quick evaluator. Either way you feel good when you see him getting this done quickly because you know he's not settling for mediocre on this team. You're either good, great or gone.

8) Or maybe our scouts aren't doing such a great job in their evaluation ???

Sometimes, it's determined at this time of year that a player with potential isn't going to get into the line-up in the short season left, so they agree to go home with an invitation to next year's training camp.

That's exactly what I thought when I found out about Ebell signing here. If it had not been for the injuries to Keith, Caulley, and Smith, this signing would not have happened. Obie said things along these lines at the beginning of this video:

Ebell has also been used on special teams in BC earlier this year. I don't know if he'd be much better at returns than anyone else we have on the active roster now. But if McDaniel gets injured, maybe then we could use him there.

And it's good to see Ebell once again find himself on a CFL team's roster after being released by two different teams after that injury that led to him missing an entire season.

8) Tyler Ebell is also an excellent receiver, as a back coming out of the backfield !!
  Makes him even more valuable as an all round player.

Terry is getting the shaft. They want Cobb in there.

He has been 100% healthy most of the year.

He gets a little nick in the one game he has been in
since the first game of the season a few games ago

and the braintrust uses that as an excuse to keep him out.

What has Cobb done not to deserve starting over Caulley.?

Even with iffy blocking from time to time he's going to be a 1000 yd. rusher.

It's not getting the shaft its just bad luck or bad timing Caulley got hurt and Cobb took advantage of the opportunity he was given .

Terry is getting the shaft ...? NO

We see it all the time someone goes down and the backup comes in never to relinquish that position again for that year .
Its not a matter of getting shafted its a matter of cobb has been somewhat Quite but also wracked up yards slowly and steadily and comfortably ... Not called getting the shaft its called going with who has been there more in a season .
Stay with what has been working when needed and cobb has come on strong as a passing weapon in the last couple weeks ...

Go Cats Go simple things keep your starting job !

I believe Terry would have contributed a more consistent
game to game performance than Cobb if he had played,

Zontar and MELrOsEMaNiAc


By placing him on the injury list for tactical reasons so often,

Terry is getting the shaft in another sense,

casual observers think that he is injury prone or fragile