Cats Sign Two from OUA 2013.

CFL: Hamilton Tiger-Cats sign a pair of OUA stars selected in 2013 draft

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats signed defensive back Mike Daly and fullback Isaac Dell on Friday.

Hamilton selected both players in the 2013 CFL draft.

Daly amassed 95 tackles and 10 interceptions during his college career at McMaster. Hamilton selected the three-time OUA all-star in the sixth round, No. 45 overall, in last year’s draft.

Dell had 907 total yards (200 rushing, 707 receiving) in five seasons at Wilfrid Laurier. Dell, taken in the fifth round, No. 37 overall by Hamilton, served as the Golden Hawks captain for the past three seasons.

The Canadian Press

Got to see Dell alot. Hes got pretty good hands and is a good lead Block out of the backfield :cowboy:

Agreed! And FB is a position of need!

Good on the Cats for bringing these two back this year. If I recall, I think there was an issue with Daly & a concussion during camp last year. I think they put him on the “suspended” list so they retained his rights.

Really like the young Canadian depth that the TiCats are building.

Need to replace Delahunt

Dell and Prime,perhaps our new FB/TE combo in 2014 ??

FB is a definate position of need but Dell is a much different FB than Delahunt is. Delahunt was a true TE with a 6'3" and at 240.
As mentioned above Dell is more of a traditional FB, 6'1" 218, A good blocker with good hands catching the ball out of the backfield. He would fit more into a package of a two back set where either he or Gable could stay in and block while the other releases out for a dump off pass.
If he adds some LBS he could be a Rob Cote type. Right now he could be used as aH-Back type like the Riders did with McHenry similar size wieght and hands.

As for Daly he will add even more depth at Canadian safety/Special teams.
Austin says that Butler will be playing safety placing Stephan as the second safety for cover two and special teams.
Neil King, Harold Mutobla also rookies last season playing for the 3rd safety and special teams starting spot all three vying to be the next Beswick. Another rookie LB Kruba from Western also will be in the hunt for a roster spot as a special teams player.

That is lots and lots of young Canadian Special teamers creating some great depth. Daly as a rookie may find himself a spot on the PR.
Austin will again hoard all that Canadian young talent using the IR and 9 game IR to his advantage as well as the PR

All solid points. Except that Austin has said they're going to move & try Stephen out to field side corner. I can see Mutobla backing up at field corner as well. They worked him out there last season. King & Daly will be backing up at safety & playing special teams.

In my mind, the guy who will eventually take over for Beswick and is being groomed as a ST's Leader is Louis Richardson. The guy is a wedge busting wrecking ball!

It's going to be interesting to see how Austin manoeurves all the backlog of Canadian talent on the roster,with only 20 Cdn spots available on the game day who are dressed.If you do the math,the minimum is 7 Cdn starters,the Cats could very well have 8 Cdn starters in 2014 (2 rec/3ol/1dl/2db)that leaves only 12 spots left for back-up/special team positions for Cdns.If you break it down,the 12 remaining spots are likely to look something like this: OFFENSE-2 ol/1 rec/2 fb/te/1 ls...DEFENSE-2dl/2lb/2db.Right now you have to figure that barring injury,the Cats have probably at the very least 12 Cdn players that are almost sureshots to make the team out of training camp(Fantuz,Giguere,Wojt,Mydellton,O'Neill,Bulcke,Plesius,Prime,Beswick,Butler,Stephen,Hazime)that leaves only 8 more available spots for the gameday and the team still has the likes of (rec-Armstrong,Diston,Coates/fb-Deidtrich,Dell/ol-Filer,Reinders,Husband,Rice,Rockhill)on offense and on Defense (dl-Nadon,Fortin,Atkinson/lb-Kruba /db-King,Mutobala,Daly,Miller)on the current roster.The amount of Cdn depth that Austin has stock-piled is incredible to say the least,a veritable treasure trove of riches,and Austin still has the 9th,11th and 17th picks in the draft yet to come.The Cats already have 30 Cdns on their roster already and training camp is 4 months away.So as you can see it will be very interesting to see how Austin manipulates the 46 man roster/practice/injury list to keep as many of these players as possible on the team.Without a doubt this is by far the best and most talented group of home brews that this team has had in at least the last 10 or more seasons. :smiley: :thup:

On my previous post,I didn't list also that the team has two more additional Cdns on their current roster,og-Pete Dyakowski and fgk-Brent Lauther.The reason I failed to mention these two are the fact that Dyakowski might miss a good chunk of the schedule due to his injury in the Cup and Lauther is strictly developmental and with Medlock on board this season will most likely be practice roster and insurance only in case of injury to Justin. So nothing against Lauther,but I hope we don't see him kicking this year,except maybe in the two preseason games. :slight_smile:

IMO if you start two Canadian defensive backs then your scouting department has not done a good enough job finding import talent.

It's rare you can find a Canadian skilled enough to play DB in the CFL. To find two...that's pushing it. There are plenty of import DB's and WR's out there. If your scouting staff can not find some good ones....they you need to improve your scouting staff IMO.

This statement is not a knock on the Canadian's who play DB and their skill level. It's an admission that there is an abundance of import skill at that position. Supply and demand. Too many athletes not enough positions.

Interesting to see how Stephan works out as field side corner. It really be a new position for Stephen. His time in the NCAA was spent as a safety/special teams player not an easy task to move to CB in the CFL. The Cats have a ton of Canadian depth and talent giving them lots of options when it comes to the ratio. With Medlock taking a DI spot having a Canadian playing CB would be huge. It is one position in the CFL that is still dominated by imports CB/HB/ SamLB Nickel back

What you say makes a lot of sense,in reality to be able to start 2 Cdn DB's a team would have to have essentially 4 quality Cdn DB's on the game day,in case of injury to either or both starters.A team would need this to keep their game day ratio intact,and to prevent in game juggling of the lineup so as not to create a domino effect if an injury should occur.In last years Grey Cup when Stephen was declared a no go at safety and King started in his place,the drop off in ability was obvious,and that was with one Cdn starter in the backfeild.If the Cats do indeed plan on going with both Butler and Stephen as starters,they better hope that they have at least two capable backups available on the gameday,that are able to step in and step up as injury replacements if needed.The other thing to consider is the fact that with 2 Cdn starting DB's that leaves only 3 spots open for starting imports with the likes of Breaux,Davis,Hobbs,McCollough,Stewart,Webb,Murray there is no way that the team carries 10 or 11 DB's on the 42 man gameday.At best I can see the team dressing perhaps 8 on the game day 42.....
5 starters(2cdn/3imp )3 back-ups(2cdn/1imp).It's going to be interesting to say the least to see how the D-backfeild shapes up in training camp this year.IMO looking at the imports I would say that Webb,Davis and perhaps Hobbs might be on the bubble when it's all said and done,but who really knows at this stage,with T.Camp still 4 months away.

Just becasue he will look to work Stepan put at CB does not mean he will start. Austin does not want to go through what happend last season with the drop off when King had to start at safety. Now working Stephen out at CB developing him into more of a Utility DB would be a much more likley scenerio. IMHO