Cats sign Terrence Jeffers Harris?

Think again. . . I suspect your statement should be amended to read "there's no way he'll be at Bomber camp next year because of the way HE TREATED THE TEAM.

I agree, Banshee.

Perhaps, someone could explain to the burned out bulbs that live in that awful place where they claim to know something about the CFL (you know Loserpeg), that Obie works for the Tiger cats. His responsibilities are to this team and NOT TO THE blue babies organization. They have a GM, who is supposed to be looking out for their best interests. He didn't, and that is why they now have a problem.

Nevermind, let them run in circles and think the sky is falling.

We were thinking at the time Obie helped his old friend Wally sign Dennis. Remembered some of us were scratching our heads on that one. Obie moves in strange ways sometimes. :slight_smile:

Catfish wrote:

"Obie moves in strange ways sometimes."

I prefer to say that Obie thinks outside of the box. And that's what he's paid to do. To be creative.

T. J. Harris was frustrated from lack of playing time since August

and that might have got him thinking about trying the NFL next year.

He played the last regular game, and then he was de-activated again,

I imagine the frustrations from that is why he was late for that meeting.

In Drew's scratching post video with Steve Milton it comes out that

he called his agent's cell phone number right away

and his agent is at a Ticat practice sitting with Obie.

so he asks Obie if he is still interested. Duh!


Having T.J around the team this week might help us

get him to sign here next year or Obie can arrange things

so that he comes back here if he fails in the NFL.

Beauty, eh?

Thank you. :thup:

It seems to be that Winnipeg fumbled. Were we not supposed to recover said fumble?

TJH may have had some disciplinary issues. But I remember that being said when we brought in AB3. TJH apparently did not like how that organization treated him. And you know, there are two sides to these kinds of stories.

Two sides to every story? Clearly you have no idea what you're talking about. Last I checked, TJH was a malcontent and a locker-room cancer. At least that's what all the Bummer fans have been saying, and you know if they say it is has to be true. (Please note my sarcasm)

Ah, nothing like a well-done sarcastic post. :slight_smile: