Cats sign Terrence Jeffers Harris?

No problem :smiley: I wonder if flip-flopping on a player that you hailed as a hero and acting like he's garbage could also be considered "morally ambiguous"? How about sending in a spy to our practice?? I had no idea Brown knew such big words. That word of the day TP is really paying off.

I did happen to find a very nice picture of Doug Brown that shows his true personality...

They need to stop whining and suck it up. I can't see how signing a free agent is wrong on any level. Did we cry when BC signed Dennis 2 days before playing us?? No. It's the nature of the business. Maybe O'Billovich should have passed up on signing a guy we had attempted to sign before just because we didn't want to upset the Bombers. Maybe we should clear all our future free agent signings with them too.

Fantastic move by the Bummers :lol: what in gods name were they thinking? Anyone who says it is unethical for us to pick him needs to give their head a shake, Obie makes yet another fantastic decision, I hope we win BECAUSE we have Harris's knowledge, the Bombers will have no one to blame but themselves :lol:

but in all seriousness, i don't care how we win, in the words of the late Al Davis "Just win baby!"

Banshee, your intense dislike of Winnipeg (and Doug Brown in particular) makes me smile.

I thought I was one of the only people who thought Brown was an a-hole. I can't wait to see the Cats send that dillhole into retirement ringless.

Awww thanks. Nope you are not alone my friend. I can't stand the big oaf. I mean what kind of football player complains that water in the dressing room is too cold? Next thing he'll say is that the towels aren't soft enough for his sensitive skin. This isn't ballet.

We did not tamper. We didn't spy. We signed a free agent. Nothing wrong with that.

Blue Blood, good to know. TJ it is. Perhaps it was because Rod Black called him TJ Harris that I found it so annoying He is such a loser and thinks he can nickname players. I am annoyed by everything he says.

You sound scarily like my wife LOL!

I do agree with your sentiments.

On Sportsline Mark Hebscher said it made the CFL look "bush" by allowing the Cats to sign TJH. I truly disagree with him. What it does do is make the bummers look totally inept. Hopefully this ineptitude will carry over to the game on Sunday. While they ran the table on us this year, it could be argued that we gave them 2 of their 3 victories. If the Cats can stay error free (or a reasonable facsimile) then the blue boys are just as ripe for losing as the All Wets were last week. My only concern is that the Cats might have an emotional let down after such a big victory over Calvillo and co. If they don't and pull off the upset, I can't see how they could lose the Grey Cup.

:rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :wink:

Is everyone as tired as I am of sports writers who know nothing about the league and only stick their head out when they can spin a negative twist on a story ?

The way I see it the Ticats are now even with the Bombers for spying on them two years ago.

Speaking of nick-naming players, does anyone besides Matt Dunigan call Brandon Whitaker "Two-way"?

This says it all IMO

Cory Chamblin

“There's nothing that he can tell me that will help us. I don't need to know what they're going to call, I need to know when they're going to call it,? Chamblin said. “[u]I need to call [Bomber coach] Paul LaPolice not talk to Terrence Jeffers-Harris.[/u]
And there’s the Bombers’ paradox. They said they cut Jeffers-Harris to prevent a distraction, and what they actually did was create a bigger one.
sorry if this has already been posted, haven't read the whole thread. Any advantage for the Cats is ok by me. I think the bombers are really distracted

Well, I know you can't please everyone, and it doesn't surprise that some Ticat fans don't like this decision. But would you prefer that this team abide by some unwritten rule, not try to gain any kind of advantage like that, and possibly not win the game because of that? Trying to do something to get an advantage to try to get a win? How dare they?! :wink:

They did not break any rules. They simply signed a free agent, and may have asked him a few questions. No need to act like this is the Cuban Missile Crisis. :wink:

This has been considered revenge for that spying incident from two years ago. I remember Kelly dismissing it as a "non-issue" and he turned out being right about that as his team lost that next game. How much difference will this make? If it can help, it may be worth it. And in the long run, he could stick around. And I understand this team had interest in bringing him in anyway. As did the blue team. He'll be a free agent after this year as I understand, though.

The only advantage the Tiger Cats have was by signing TJH before some other team did. In all likelihood, the pink team down the road would have jumped at the opportunity. The signing is typical Obie rational, better is better. TJH won't be able say anything about the Bummers game plan that the coaching staff have already planned for. Good training camp competition for next year at receiver position. All the rest of that crap coming from Doug Brown is just that...crap. HFC

You have no guarantee he'll be at TC next year. Players on the PR automatically become FAs at the end of the season.

Blueblood, there's no way he'll be at Bomber camp next year because of the way you treated him. There is a chance he will be at Ticat camp next year because we have shown him that we want him.

Precisely. LaPo dangled a mole and Obie snapped it up. Unless...Obie knows TJH is a mole and is deliberately playing the fool so LaPo thinks he took the bait.

I'd scratch my head but would have to take my tinfoil hat off first.

Should we not have had another tweet from LaPolice's wife by now.....I'm sure she has an opinion on this subject...

Hey, no picking on Tina. Although, the TJH mole might have been her idea. Sharp lady.

Hi Ockham:

I'm sure she thinks herself to be the REAL GM of the team....

Ok I've cracked some jokes and taken a few shots at the dullards in Staggerville, but it SERIOUSLY blows my mind that people think we are guilty of some wrongdoing here. WE SIGNED A FREE AGENT. Hebscher or whatever his name is is a complete moron and obviously knows nothing. HFXTC, I agree completely. When there is something good to be said you never see these clowns.

Unwritten rule, gentleman's agreement my left foot. There is no such thing. People poach from PRs, people sign cast-offs it's all part of the BUSINESS. O'Billovich would not have been doing is job if he would have let a free agent that we wanted and needed go to another team just because the Bombers were dumb enough to cut him days before playing us.

Did we whine when BC signed Dennis days before playing us? Why should there be a rule against signing a free agent. This guy deserves to make a living and there is no reason for the league to butt their nose in and set rules about who he could sign with. What would be the cut-off. What if we had signed him a week before the game? Is that too close? What about 2 weeks? Gimme a break. Grow up. It's a business.