Cats sign Terrence Jeffers Harris?

If you have a high caliber player why would you cut him for just missing a couple of meetings. There is obviously something else going on here, as you yourself noted he hasn't played since August. As for my moral standards.. I am no different from anyone else but when it comes to competition I want to win on my terms because I did the work, my abilities to adjust and learn and did not depend on someone else to help. If that makes my moral standrds higher then things have obviously changed since I played sports.

If we win and even without this clown I think are chances are high it will be tainted. Can you hear the sports reports after the game. Then if we do get to the cup and get clobbered it will not be good for our team's respectability. I bet some of the players are thinking the same way. No matter what you may think this was not a good management decision, almost a desperate move by them to try and ensure a win. What does that say to our players? I know how I would feel by my so called high moral standards... I'd be pissed!

The exact same could have been said about Arland Bruce when he was traded here two years ago. I don't care why Winnipeg didn't want him, if bringing him in gives the team an edge, take it.

Will anyone remember that in three, five or ten years?

Who cares what the sports reports say?

What if they win the Grey Cup? Or what if they lost a close game? Why is it that you immediately think they're going to "get clobbered"?

I bet the players won't care at all if they win the Grey Cup.

Actually, if it leads to a win, then it was a genius management decision.

What is says is that the team is willing to do anything and everything to win Sunday's game. It's not about how you win, just that you win. I would imagine that the vast majority of players feel that way.

Just like in any job, football players can wind up in a coach's doghouse. Arland Bruce is a very good example. The kid get's a second opportunity, why not. CFL contracts aren't really just employment agreements.

I think the Blue Babies have got to be not too bright releasing a player a couple of days before the eastern final, suspecting that the team you're playing against could very well pick him up for some inside information!!!??? I'm sure they could do what Montreal did with Anderson and just keep him away from the team until the playoffs are done and then release him.

Just because Hamilton signs him, doesn't necessarily mean they will pick his brain for such insights. But, it's a good way to get inside and mess with the heads of the players and maybe the coaches in Mosquitoville. Harris can't play on Sunday, but with the leadership in the Hamilton dressing room (like Cobourne and Rey Williams), they could get Harris' head on straight and perhaps he could be yet another weapon for next season. And if not, I doubt they will let him screw up the room.

I trust Obie's judgment on this. He brought Bruce over when everyone warned him not to. Turned out to be nothing to worry about.

I don't care if O'Billovich has to date LaPolice's dog to get us info we need to win that game. You take whatever opportunities you have to come out on top. As Blogskee says, you do whatever it takes to win. Besides it seems like everyone has missed the part where we were very interested in signing this kid before he signed with the Bombers. I don't know about any of the reasons why he was cut beyond what has been said and I don't care. I learned my lesson with Bruce. He was a "cancer" in Hogtown but he came here and (for the most part) kept his mouth shut and did his job. I'm willing to give TJ-H the same chance.

Don't agree with you at all..... It happens in the league all the time.... remember earlier this year, prior to their game with Hamilton this year, BC signed a Hamilton DB that we just cut. (Then I believe they cut him the next week.) I believe a similar situation happened in Edmonton this year.

Banshee wrote:
"Not to be picky but his name is Terrence Jeffers-Harris. His last name is hyphenated so calling him TJ Harris is wrong unless you call him T J-Harris lol. Sorry but Rod Black calls him TJ Harris all the time and it bugs the hell out of me."

Agreed but everything that comes out of Rod Black's mouth bugs the hell out of me!

Does anyone else think the the timing of his release by the Bombers is weird in itself. If he was disruptive, why not just send him home then release him at the end of the season?

They obviously didn't do their due diligence. They could simply have "suspended" him, then released him in the off-season. Instead, they "soil their sheets" and outright release him, allowing O'Bie to sign him moments later.

I'm loving this. And a number of the Bombers fans are really peeved.

I know this may open a can of worms but, maybe this is an answer to the Zeke Moreno: Tom Canada trade when we couldn't recall Zeke back because he had already viewed the Bomber play book.

This made LMFAO thanks Banshee…

Funny how the Bummer fans actually said this guy would be a Cat killer at the beginning of the season, now that he is released and signed here, he is garbage and a troublemaker…lol

Can't you just picture them sharing a bowl of spaghetti & accidentally kissing when they eat the same piece? :lol:

lol... gee that seems so familiar

I like the signing. If BBs didn't want us talking to their ex-players they could have easily waited 3 more days to make this move. You could almost say, they'd have to be crazy to think they could do this without us talking to TJH.

Which brings me to my conspiracy theory. (After all, Drew Edwards says this is like a Russian spy novel.)

Maybe they let TJH go, with the expectation that we would pick him up to pick his brain. But TJH is in on the plan! They instructed him to fill our heads with misinformation. All with the promise of rewards once the season is over. Don't forget, our opponents are more experienced spies than we are. Hmmm...

Good move Obie 007 :thup: The hell with them there is a tid bit on TSN where they are crying the blues Unethical my ass

And let's go one step further. The Bombers knew all along that Hamilton had coveted T. J-H and so at the beginning of the season they instructed him to play lousy. Drop passes so that by August we can bench you in favour of Greg Carr. Then when we release you just prior to playing the Cats in the play-offs...they will pick you up and you can proceed to pass along bad information. Mis-inform the opposition.

And somewhere behind that grassy knoll.....

Whatever is going sure has notched up the interest in this weekends Eastern Final and got the tongues a waggin'.

Doug Brown opened his fat mouth and said the move was “morally ambiguous.” Unethical, morally ambiguous, all this sounds like Bummer junk. Let them cry.

Not playing could be performance related, but you feel that is something else so you besmearch his character

by calling him a troublemaker and further down this post you call him a clown? That''s not fair, is it, coupe6652?

If what other posters here are saying is any indication of how morals have changed...they sure have, coupe6652.

Jeffers-Harris has been called TJ since his first TC in Winnipeg because the Bombers had two players named Terrence/Terence. The players decided Jeffers-Harris would be called "TJ" and he said that was fine with him. He even calls himself T.J. Harris on his twitter account although he needs to update his profile.

T.J Harris @MrAbilliTee North Atlanta Ga. San Diego Ca Official Terence Jeffers-Harris Pg. A Professional SB/??? 4 Cfl, Winnipeg Blue Bombers. I wanna Make a Difference in Everything I DO!!! ~R.I.P Coach Harris~


Obie strikes again! LOL