Cats sign Terrence Jeffers Harris?

According to Arash Madani's twitter account, we have signed TJ Harris and he could be at practice on Friday.

(I'm on a mobile device, so I can't post the link)

I guess this would be the 11th reason for Winnipeg to hate the Tiger-Cats? :wink:

This is pretty unbelievable. He won't play (he can't, as far as I know), but the fact that he knows what Winnipeg does is a huge advantage for the Ti-Cats. If they win this game, you know Harris's name will be mud in Winnipeg for the rest of his life. A very juicy game just got juicier! I can't wait for Sunday!

Probably more interested in his knowledge of the Bomber's playbook and which plays the Bombers were rehearsing in practice/meetings than his skills at this point of the season.

As if it weren't easy enough for me to hate Hamilton already...

Here is what Madani has posted on Twitter most recently:

ArashMadani Arash Madani Last Harris note:If he signs w/ #Ticats, it's to the prac roster. Ineligible for playoffs. But #Bombers info now in hands of Ham staff. #CFL 29 minutes ago

ArashMadani Arash Madani
TJ Harris, to my knowledge, hasn't signed a #CFL deal w/ the
#Ticats. But stay tuned. Lead up to Sunday just got more interesting.
33 minutes ago

ArashMadani Arash Madani
#Ticats have long liked TJ Harris. He may be at Ham's practice Fri,
but paperwork at #CFL office likely needs to be clarified 1st.
41 minutes ago

ArashMadani Arash Madani
Guess who is in Hamilton right now? Terence-Jeffers Harris, the WR cut by the #Bombers today. Think this
#CFL East Final takes on
more heat?
55 minutes ago!/arashmadani [url=!/ArashMadani/status/137373317932916737]!/ArashMadani/statu ... 7932916737[/url]

Will we be hearing soon that this has officially happened?

He was just with the Bombers within the last 24 hours, no? Things just might be getting more interesting now.

Maybe he's a mole.

mole,mole,mole :lol:

I agree. Use him for information but don't show him our play book. It would be just like those spies to send in a double agent. 8)

Does not impress me in the least. If we have to steal information then we deserve to lose. Not very professional at all!!! What makes anyone think that the BB have not changed things? This guy is a trouble maker, we do not need that kind of player on the team. We have an excellent young receiving core now. Shame on the executive for this low ball move.

Good points. Now if we win the bummer fans will cry "Because you had our play book" and if we don't they'll boast "We beat you and you had our play book!"

Actually, I don't care how it happens. Just win Tiger Cats.

seems to be unsettling the Bomber faithful

And some of our own..............ala AB3. Lets give him a chance and then throw him under the bus just like a Bomber fan would :stuck_out_tongue:

Payback for Spygate? :slight_smile:

I don't think it's a very big deal, certainly nothing for BB fans to get all sweated up about. The way I see it, it's a non-issue and it'll be handled internally.

It's obvious you have high moral standards, coupe6652.

The kid is 21 and frustrated. The Bombers sat him out since August

except for the last game when they were desperate for a receiver.

Other than him being late for meetings or missing them

What else has he done to be labelled a troublemaker? Fill us in.

8) Well it is now official, according to Drew, Harris has signed with the Cats !!
  Funny how some people on this site say that Arash Madani and Perry Lefko are not to be believed at all, with regards
   to their rumour reports on the CFL !!

   As per usual, they had this information before Drew or anone else did.     <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->

Not to be picky but his name is Terrence Jeffers-Harris. His last name is hyphenated so calling him TJ Harris is wrong unless you call him T J-Harris lol. Sorry but Rod Black calls him TJ Harris all the time and it bugs the hell out of me.

He won't play and I don't think we need WPG's playbook but he's a good receiver and I can't see how this would hurt us in any way. Not sure who he would replace though.

I say we trade him back to the Peg for Odell Willis or Heffney. :lol:

It is within the rules to sign him and they did.
If we can get even the smallest advantage, you take it.
This is the biggest game we have played in 10 years and if you aren't trying everything within the rules to win, then you are not trying hard enough!
Good signing by Obie.

I've decided to start calling him T Jeffers-H.

Extra knowledge about the playbook is not a big deal. There's a whole season of game film available that I'm sure covers the playbook pretty thoroughly. T Jeffers-H is more likely to spill the beans about the Bombers' specific game plan for Sunday's game. It might provide a slight advantage to help the Ticats design their counter-plan, but it's not like they will now know exactly what to expect on every down.

And you never know, he's only 21, and he had 48 receptions in his rookie season. Maybe we'll see him on the gameday roster next season.

Not to be even pickier, but it's Terence Jeffers-Harris. Only one 'r' in Terence.

I've never seen anyone question Madani. Most say he has impeccable sources, and you can usually take what he says to the bank. Lefko on the other hand...

That'll teach me to trust the Spec lol