Cats Sign Talman Gardner !!!

8) According to this mornings Spectator, the Cats have signed former TiCat Talman Gardner !!! Most of us on this site agreed that releasing him last year was a big mistake, and now the team is admitting as much !!!!

That is Best News I heard all Season...

do you have a Link ?

If true, I'm very glad to hear it. He performed well in camp last year from everything I heard. I recall the explanation when he was cut was that while he and Quinnie were equal in performance, Quinnie had more upside potential. I undestood that logic, but at the time I didn't think the performance of the two was equal... I felt Gardner was better. But I wasn't the coach, so who was I to criticize. I liked Gardner though, and I hope it's true he's back. We could have a pretty decent receiving corps, with Ralph, Gardner and Stubblefield and Cavil in the mix, plus the others we're looking at or have returning. Not a bad group at all.

Here's the link

[url=] ... 4367086426[/url]


good pick up ..... gotta say marcel is slowly gaining my confidence one signing at a time. im sure gaining my confidence is his ultimate goal when he started out. lol

Like Marcel said....he has a plan.

Your welcome.

Great news!!!!

Talman should have been here last year and I was very surprised he was released.

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Link to His Profile

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Link to my Topic On Resigning Garder..

Another link to Him

[url=] ... an+gardner[/url]

Link Going back to his cut last Season

[url=] ... an+gardner[/url]
and now the team is admitting as much !!!!
Kind of hard for the current management to admit making a mistake they were'nt here for last year..

but still good signing.... things seem to be shaping up nicely

Link to Video from Front Page

THANK GOD!! only one knows why he was releasedt last year?? welcome back man!!

This guy has game. He will give Jason Mass a nice big target with good hands. :smiley:

Things are shaping up with our pass receiving core. Most, if not, all of them are over 6' in height. This is very important in today's game.
When there is a "jump ball" we generally lose, but maybe these new (and old) players will change that aspect of our game.

Let's just hope that Maas can hit these receivers because he sure couldn't last year. We had some talented guys last year that can still play but all the talent in the world means nothing if the QB can't get the ball to them.

Alright lets all chill out about Talman Gardner...the guy played decent at camp last year he hasn't won us any games...I think its pretty apparent our recievers grew in height but talent wise they dropped signifigantly...Last year we had a proven group of guys (Flick, Yeast, Vaughn), this year we have Brock Ralph, Kwame Cavil (both under achievers from last year)and a bunch of tall guys no one knows...Just because we have height and depth doesn't mean we have a good group of fact I would rank our reciever corps last in the league

this year we have Brock Ralph, Kwame Cavil (both under achievers from last year)
Ralph I agree with, but its hard to do any achieving (over, under or otherwise) when you aren't put in the game...

In games or out of games he was a bust (however with former head coach Taafe in the mix he could get back his 1000+ yard self-if Jason Mass does his part, and the coaching staff decides to play him on more then a couple of downs and trade him for nothing)